The Aimless Traveler

I see every challenge as burning karma  - Yogi Bhajan

Man must abolish the distance between himself and the goal, becoming the goal himself - J.Krsishnamurti -

W e l c o m e

Focus on clouds, trees and other mute things, not yours, not close, not trained to please you. Focus on the light, always look for it, finally focus on your madness, if you have it, if it wasn't stolen from you as a child.

- Franco Arminio, italian poetry -

No compass

It is not necessary to know where you are going. It is not necessary to know why you are going.

All you need to know is that you are walking with joy, because if you are moving with joy, you cannot go wrong.

If you walk dancing, singing, celebrating, the direction is not important, neither the way nor the goal.

Every moment becomes the paradise.

- Osho

... and photography is a dance, a song, a celebration toward of the world, the life and its mysteries.

Thanks for the time you are dedicating to me, these pages want to be a collection point, an hub, to organize all the material, mainly photographic, that over time I have created and then spread on the web. Without any artistic or cultural pretensions, this site is only a mirror of myself, mainly useful to myself: reflecting myself I deepen, know and continue.

This space was therefore born exclusively as the result of my passions, mainly photography and nature, and of my various interests, photography in particular has become a kind of catharsis, a life story, a spiritual testament for images, but also a tool for knowledge of my inner world, a tool to increase my wealth of experiences in the form of visions, experiences and interactions: the only real immaterial wealth destined to remain forever, beyond the corruptible and the material.

My photography is an escape from a reality perceived as a limit and an illusion, photography therefore as a refuge, a magic circle, an escape from everyday life, dreamy and symbolic visions, without artistic ambitions or technical perfectionisms.

This site therefore tells my passions, my interests and my experiences through images, so you will find nature, mountains, trekking, castles, geology, portraits, nudes, trains, abandoned places and more. Many images are centered on the Parma area, where I live, in particular the Val Taro, a territory to which I am emotionally very attached because it is here that my passions were born, but you will also find images of travel and cities near and far, in short, a colorful cauldron where the guiding thread is my aesthetic, creative and passionate research, therefore I am not a photographer looking for the truth or the objective, but looking for a beauty also made up of dreams and fantasies.

I would like to clarify that I am not a professional, I have no desire to become one, this thing has never interested me, it would be to the detriment of my freedom and independence. I don't even have great sympathy for competitions, exhibitions, clubs or similar things, that is, they interest me but only as a spectator. I am a rather lonely and shy person, definitely wild I would say, and I photograph only for myself, I feel it as a vital necessity, I need it like air to breathe, it is my personal tool of introspection and personal growth, a motivation and a guide. This site itself is a kind of personal diary, it mainly serves myself to draw a kind of experiential and spiritual map. A visual memory of what is and has been important to me.

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What will you find here?

This site collects thoughts, images, articles, links and everything that can be used to trace a path in the soul.

I would like to point out that everything you will find here are only strictly personal opinions and points of view, I have no truth to reveal, no advice to give, no path to indicate. It's a monologue with myself, which I make public, if anyone might find it interesting, but nothing more.

Learn to listen to yourself and only follow yourself, this is the only indication I can give you.

But in practice, what is this site for ?  Who is it for ?

This site is very heterogeneous, dealing with very different topics from each other it seems to have no well-defined target or purpose. Indeed it is, and speaking in very selfish terms, this site is mostly for me!

I need it as a container / support / tool to organize my interests, structure and plan them. It is a notebook, an organizer and a binder at the same time. Being an aimless traveler, this site is like a GPS that keeps track of my movements, and maps them, so that I don't get lost.

So do not force yourself to look for a meaning or a connection within this site, that meaning exists perhaps only inside my head, and my head is not yours !  It is a kind of dialogue with myself, sometimes I think it is just a sterile manifestation of the ego, useless and an end in itself, and I am often tempted to cancel everything definitively, but if you read these words, it means that still up to today I resisted this destructive temptation.

A bit of history

My web adventure began way back in a far november of 2000, on a sleepless morning after a night of work.

Browsing by chance I found an ad from Microsoft that struck me with this slogan: "create your website now" and so, a little for fun and a little out of curiosity, I began the colonization of the web, at first with a small amateur site very elementary, then a web domino, ( lovingly built "by hand" pixel by pixel, and then abandoned for technological and bureaucratic reasons: the birth of new legal regulations and the proliferation of the most varied display devices, made everything too demanding to be able to continue in an artisanal way, hence the solution of using this more modern and versatile hosting.

As in life, even on the web I have died and risen several times, I have changed skin several times, like a snake: when a reality no longer suits you, you must have the courage and strength to throw everything up, and start again from boss.

This site, The Aimlessly Traveller, was born on the night of 29 May 2020, after a profound emotional blow, which made me abandon many things of my "old identity", a traveler without a destination because I actually don't know where I'm going anymore, but anyway I go, and then, after all, maybe knowing where you're going doesn't really matter. 

Often we sat on the treasure we are looking for, you just have to understand it, and to understand it you have to travel a lot, without ever getting anywhere.

May 2020, rebirth

On the almost thirtieth day of May, in the year of the Lord 2020 (I don't know of which Lord), we try to restart life, even on the web, after a rather radical reset (nothing to do with viruses or other microorganisms) . I do not know if it is more a rebirth, a return to origins, or rather a purge from slags, the fact is that after sleepless nights beating my head against the wall, I was able to give birth to this slogan (the aimless traveler) that describes my existential state very well.

If they asked me what photography is for me, at this moment I would answer "salvation", and this small site that I am building, or rather rebuilding, becomes a small reference point, especially for myself: a way to clarify ideas and designing a possible future, a small center of gravity around which my whole world revolves, or rather that part of the world that gives me satisfaction and passion.

Building a website from scratch, a private space for our own, is long and demanding, so in the beginning it will be a little bare creature, but over time it will grow and grow richer, and even if nobody cares, it is important for me because it represents a sort of compass in the stormy sea of ​​life, a sort of ever-changing navigation map, I need it to take stock of the situation, gather the good of the past, and plan in which new abyss I will throw myself headlong into.

"Wherever you go, you are already there"

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Warnings for perfectionists.

On my site you will probably find many errors, inaccuracies, incorrect or non-working links, incorrect layouts, bad translations and much more. I apologize for these inconveniences, I am not a professional and I don't have all the time I would like to be able to take care of everything down to the smallest detail.


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Warnings: everything you find on this site is the fruit of my imagination and my personal opinions, here you will not find news, information, advice, suggestions or anything else, but only and exclusively my personal opinions and the story of my personal experiences. This site is essentially a monologue made public, my personal organizational agenda. No one is required to follow me, to share, to experience, to accept or to believe uncritically. In fact, I strongly advise against doing so.