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"I am Darrel Standing. Very soon they will come to get me to hang me. In the meantime, in these pages I will express my opinion by writing about different times and places."

from the incipit of The Tramp of the Stars by Jack London

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Everyone was laughing when the plotter Noah was building the ark, then it started raining...

A fairy tale coming from distant Finland, a land of forests and snow, begins by telling the story of a family who lived in the woods, the father had three children, and each of them had a lucky tree near their home. Now grown up, the boys expressed the desire to finally find a partner, the father then asked the...

The beauty of Nature is not simply an external thing, like the postcard of an exotic place that can be observed with detachment, the beauty of Nature has a strength that enters you, a powerful beauty to which you must surrender completely disarmed, to be pervaded by it and fed. It is in front of these shows that I love...

The west il dying, it's strangling itself with its own hand !

Feb 11


Unexpected communities in the wild Latin American nature.

Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori wrote Virgil, that is, love conquers all and we submit to love, which sounds a lot like a somewhat empty and banal phrase, like "beauty will save the world". The world will not be saved, neither with beauty nor with love, those who have understood, those who want to save themselves,...

I publish this beautiful image that I found on the web because I find it particularly significant, as well as being graphically beautiful and emotionally very pregnant. Unfortunately I have not been able to trace the author, because surely he will have produced other very interesting images.

These considerations arose while I was reading a book on art collecting (the catalog of the exhibition The Pizzi collection, a seventeenth-century picture gallery - FMR editore) and while I was reading a sort of examination on the psychology of the collector, I asked myself: but then, is photography also in a certain sense a form of collecting? And...

Rummaging through the old photos buried in the memories of the hard disks, this image of the small station in my town, Collecchio, came back into my hands, with the flowers and the warm shades of the late afternoon. Now that spring is upon us again, this photo made me go back in time, to the scents and colors of...

Jan 19


"Our insignificant freedom is to put or remove a sock from a closet, but we can neither destroy the closet nor leave the room." (*)

We all have "dark sides", black thoughts, anxieties and unknown inner territories to explore, we must evoke them, know them, pull them out, to be able to dominate them and not simply be guided along illusory paths that lead only to perennial dissatisfaction.

Jan 19


It is not painful to be without what you have ceased to crave.

Jan 19


"Without "chaos" there is no knowledge. Without frequent renunciation of reason there is no progress."

Jan 19


The vampire draws strength from the fact that no one wants to believe in his existence.

Una città semideserta, inusuale per un sabato pomeriggio. Sembra notte fonda, eppure è solo sabato pomeriggio, nel centro storico di una Parma surreale. Un monumento grandioso, innalzato alla memoria di un altrettango grandioso concittadino, relegato in un angolo appartato della città. Le poche anime che compaiono all'orizzonte sembrano furtivi...

A gallery of immersive images that can be navigated at 360 ° where I illustrate some of the abandoned places I have visited and photographed with this compelling and captivating technique.

Un piccolo cristallo di probabile Barite (dimensione circa 4 mm) si staglia contro uno sfondo di cristalli di Calcite. Campione ritrovato tra i calanchi argillosi di Rubbiano, presso Fornovo Taro. La Natura sorprende sempre, anche nascondendo i suoi tesori dentro alle rocce., nel buoi profondo delle viscere di Madre Terra.

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