On the enchanted kingdoms of the waters, I wrote two words, of rivers and of fairies ...

I'm certainly not an angel, but I know many corners of heaven, and in all these corners there is water! And without any pretense, these pages are born with the intention, if you want, to accompany you to some of these enchanting corners.

The rivers, with their web of paths, somewhat symbolically, represent the mirror version of culture and the human soul: seen upside down, they are a myriad of winding paths that depart from a single common point, and are gradually subdivided in a myriad of currents, factions, sects, schools. Going through its currents, looking for its sources, is a bit, metaphorically, like seeking the original union, transcending the illusory partisanship. And going up certain streams, I have the impression of finding myself and the original union with the primeval Nature and the mysterious forces of Life.

The river deeply affects the landscape and lays bare its history, offers us insights about the most remote past, but the flow of rivers is often accompanied by the passage of time and history, and its banks are often the theater of myths and legends that have their roots in the mists of time, but how much do we know of those times? Most of what is handed down to us by history is artfully misrepresented and manipulated to give us a certain vision of the past and to shape our mindset on an imposed social and political model. Our culture has raged fiercely against the pre-existing indigenous cultures and today, of that distant, authentic and genuine past, we perhaps find its bewildered echo in popular stories, legends and myths. But what did these cultures have to deserve such ferocious fury? The results of this psychological warfare, fought in people's minds through "culture", are seen very well in today's world, populated by beings that move like automatons, ruled only by fear and ephemeral pleasures. Frequenting a river, plunging into its waters and walking against the current, looking for its sources, the origins, is an activity that also has a great symbolic and psychological value. At least that's my opinion.

In these pages I collect a series of photographs on the aquatic worlds that I have explored, but they certainly do not want to be a guide, let alone an exhaustive one, and have no other claim than to illustrate the places I love to frequent, seasoned, I hope pleasantly, with some anecdote or curiosity .. A virtual walk, through images and words, in often wild, evocative, fairytale-like, sometimes even disturbing and sinister places. If it happens that some of my images can suggest the extravagant idea of an adventure in Nature, I will be flattered, it will mean that the arrow I shot has reached your heart, but always keep in mind that Nature has its laws, it is a magical and sacred place and not a playground, and there is always the concrete possibility even to lose your life! Our safety is not contemplated in the laws of Nature, and those who frequent it must be aware of it.

Always be attentive, ready and open, even to the suggestions and encounters you might have in these luxuriant secret gardens, places poised between heaven and hell ...   read more >>>

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