Privacy policy & Legal Notes

The   Il Viaggiatore senza Meta / The Aimless Traveler  website based in Collecchio (Parma - Italy) processes the personal data voluntarily provided by users who intend to register, exclusively to allow access to the pages reserved for registered users and for any communications necessary for registration and during the enrollment period. This site only collects the name provided and the email address of users who intend to register, and not being an e-commerce it is not required to request and/or process and/or store other data.

General provisions

1. The Data Controller of personal data, in accordance with the GDPR (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulation" is Andrea Franchi, based in Collecchio (Parma - Italy),  hereinafter referred to as the "Data Controller";

2. The contact details of the Data Controller are: e-mail: or the contact form at this link

3. Personal data is understood as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

The source of personal data

1. The Data Controller processes the personal data obtained with the prior consent of the user who intends to register on the  "Il Viaggiatore senza Meta / The Aimless Traveler"  website by completing the appropriate registration form.

2. The Data Controller only processes the user's contact and identification details (email), which are necessary to fulfill the request to access the reserved pages of the site.

3. The Data Controller processes personal data exclusively to allow the user who has explicitly requested access to all the functions of the site and for the necessary communication between the contracting parties and for the duration established by law. Personal data will not be made public and will not be transmitted to other countries.

Purpose of data processing

The Data Controller processes the personal data of the registered user for the following purposes:

1. Registration on the  "Il Viaggiatore senza Meta / The Aimless Traveler" website in accordance with Chapter 4, section 2 of the GDPR;

2. Personal data (e-mail) is necessary for the fulfillment of the registration request, this request cannot be concluded without the personal data. Acceptance of the registration request is subject to the unquestionable judgment of the owner of the Il Viaggiatore senza Meta site and can be revoked at any time, without notice and without having to provide justifications. In this case the data provided will be deleted at the same time.

Duration of personal data storage

1. The Data Controller retains personal data for the period necessary for the fulfillment of the rights and obligations deriving from the contractual relationship between the Data Controller and the customer and for the duration of 3 years from the conclusion of the contractual relationship;

2. The Data Controller must delete all personal data after the period required for retention of personal data has expired.

Recipients and processors of personal data

Third partieswho process the customer's personal data are subcontractors of the Data Controller. The services of these subcontractors are essential for the successful completion of the purchase contract and processing of the electronic order between the Data Controller and the registered user.

The subcontractors of the Data Controller are:

> Webnode AG - Zurich CH;

> Google Analytics (website analysis);

Rights of Registered user

In accordance with the Regulations, the registered user has the right: 
1. access to personal data;
2. to the rectification of personal data;
3. to the cancellation of personal data;
4. to object to the processing of personal data;
5. data portability;
6. to the revocation of consent to the processing of personal data in writing or by e-mail sent to:     or

or  by filling out the contact form >>>

7. to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority in case of suspected violation of the Regulation.

Security of personal data

1. The Data Controller declares to adopt all the technical and organizational precautions necessary for the protection of personal data;

2. The Data Controller has taken technical precautions to protect the data storage spaces, in particular by protecting access to the computer with a password, using antivirus software and carrying out regular maintenance of the computers.

Final provisions

1. By registering on the Il Viaggiatore senza Meta website the user confirms that he is informed of all the conditions of protection of personal data and accepts them to the fullest extent;

2. The user requesting reserved access to the site accepts these rules, a necessary condition for the approval of the request itself.

3. The Data Controller can update these rules at any time. The new updated version must be published on its website.

These rules come into force on 02.01.2024

Legal notices

This site does not represent a newspaper, it is exclusively a private space for sharing ideas and artistic and cultural material, of an amateur nature, the result of free personal expression (as provided for by art. 21 of the Italian Constitution), without any profit motive for information purposes, and is updated without any periodic cadence, it cannot therefore be considered an editorial product, the author does not ask for or receive any public funding pursuant to law no. 62 of 7.03.2001. The author declines all responsibility for the content of comments on posts and the content of external links. In these pages I use quotes from books and images by other authors, including content taken from the internet, but always respecting the right to quote, in any case reporting it and citing the original source, where it was not possible to find the source or if their publication violates any copyright, or is simply not appreciated, please kindly report it to me, I will immediately correct the article as requested, citing the author or removing the content. 

Unless otherwise specified, all texts, images and videos published and webmastering are personal works of the author of this site (Andrea Franchi - Collecchio, Parma, Italy) of whom all rights are reserved. 

All the models published are adults and have authorized the use of their image via a specific photographic release. In some cases these are characters filmed in public demonstrations.

As regards your privacy, the author of this site does not collect any personal data (with the exception of the names of those registered on the site, see the privacy policy), nor does it track or profile users. The only cookies used are those necessary for the functioning of the site itself, and managed directly by the webhosting service provider, for further information you can refer to their privacy policy >>>