Hell unites, heaven divides.

Our world is a dangerous place, the very name of this place, Earth, has the same root as Terror, perhaps not by chance. Descending into this world, we enter density, we enter a leaden universe fraught with dangers, where our essence, our subtle energies, are delicacies coveted by marauders of all kinds, who invent the most phantasmagorical transgressions in order to enchant us. For some reason unknown to us, our souls were sent to this swamp, to extricate themselves on a path between dense mists and poisonous vapors, between tragic illusions and fatal deceptions. We are like the Hermit in the Tarot cards: we move on an uncertain path, shrouded in darkness, in a dark forest, with a small lantern to guide us, but this small flame symbolizes our curiosity, our tenacity and our courage in research . Duality is perhaps the greatest deception, the contrast between life and death, the paralyzing fear that derives from it, these are the chains of the Devil, which keep us prisoners of these material densities.

There is a whole world of literature, poetry and philosophy, a film, music and theater industry embroidered around the so-called dark side of our soul, there are many paths, many ways to get closer to an awareness that transcends clichés and that it can begin a journey of understanding and liberation.

In these pages, through the language of photography, supported by personal and literary comments, I try to offer some ideas, some places to visit, some situations, which can confront us with our dark side, with our hidden fears, with the our inner demons, not to tremble with fear or experience "strong emotions", but to face them, to look them straight in the eyes and, rather than defeat them, make them friends, because there is no war to fight, but only worlds to know and boundaries to explore.

Itineraries into the macabre

Disturbing encounters

Thinking about the Dark Side, the world of darkness, the macabre and the scary, one of the first thoughts that arise in our minds is the thought and fear of the Devil. Let's try to get a brief understanding of it, let's try to familiarize ourselves with this creature as misunderstood as it is feared, in the words of the great master Aleister Crowley:

"You have no rights except to do what you want. Do it, and no one will be able to say no. For pure will, without purpose, born of the desire for results, is always perfect. The formula of this card (the Devil ) is therefore the complete appreciation of all that exists. He rejoices in what is rugged and sterile no less than he enjoys what is uniform and fertile. He exalts everything equally. He represents the discovery of ecstasy in every phenomenon, however naturally repugnant; transcends all limits. He is Pan, He is All."

The Devil is therefore not only perdition and negativity, he has descended into the tumultuous magma of our subconscious, into the primordial forces of nature that governs matter, as I said at the beginning, there are many ways to transcend, some ways rise towards dizzying heights, others descend in unfathomable, dark and deep abysses, where among dim and trembling lights, among distant sounds that echo in the hollow void of ourselves, we can see the poignant poetry of shadows, of tragic loves, of fatal attractions, and if our search will be fruitful and animated by the best intentions, the Devil will show us our chains and the place that holds the key to open them and free us from this burden, we will find that key by facing fear, that is, the abyss that we ourselves are, because the world is the our mirror, and so is the Devil, and we will find this key right there, within ourselves.

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