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After the period of the pandemic, which superimposed itself on other internal dynamics of mine, my indifference and my disinterest in mankind and its urban habitat has grown at a stratospheric level, therefore I have abandoned street photography: everything you find in the my sites on this topic is old stuff, outdated and buried, that doesn't involve me and doesn't represent me anymore.

Once upon a time I wandered with almost anthropological interest through the streets of the cities, I liked to stop aside and observe the unfolding of life, the people busy with their daily chores. Now, however, it all seems like a colossal and grotesque fiction, and today, I can affirm that my fascination for the urban world was only an infernal parenthesis in my life, I return more and more convinced to my dark forests, to my impervious mountains, to the impetuous rivers. , to starry skies, to gratifying solitudes and vast horizons, because life is elsewhere and cannot be reconciled with tar and cement...

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A semi-deserted city, unusual for a Saturday afternoon. It seems like the middle of the night, yet it is only Saturday afternoon, in the historic center of a surreal Parma. A grandiose monument, raised to the memory of an equally grandiose fellow citizen, relegated to a secluded corner of the city. The few souls that appear on the horizon seem...

No more street


I may have passed by this corner of Parma I don't know how many thousands of times, but never had this image struck me as it did today. It is a scene with a very strong symbolic correspondence with the social situation we are experiencing in this particular historical period, which is very slippery and dangerous.

They climbed every single edge of grass. They have dissolved and overturned every piece of land. They poured quintals of concrete. They glued over hundreds of tiles. But the inexorable force of Nature sprouts at every season, mercilessly, with tenderness and elegance, showing off a beautiful fiery red dress, not at all discreet, just to make the...

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