First of all, the emotion ! Only after understanding !

- Paul Gauguin -

Traveling is not necessarily moving physically, traveling is also experiencing, it is fantasizing, it is contemplating, knowing, enjoying... in other words, getting excited.

These pages are all about atmospheres and emotions, and there's no better way to go thrill-seeking than by traveling. It doesn't matter the destination or the distance, one can travel even while going around the house or, conversely, one can remain motionless even going thousands of kilometers from home. The important thing is the experience you have. In these pages, therefore, you will find ideas and travel stories large, small and very small, but also experiences capable of transmitting suggestions and emotions, large and small passions capable of transforming us and making us, possibly, better and always positive.

An hot summer night, with a beautiful clear sky full of stars, the milky way that could be seen very well with the naked eye, and a small group of enchanted people in front of the spectacle of the smallest volcano in the world, in Romagna, on Mount Busca, at the inside the Casentinesi Forest National Park.

Flying is one of the most exciting things there is, and the more basic the means used, the more exciting flying is. And how much more simple and elementary is there than a hot air balloon? A simple balloon inflated with hot air and hanging underneath is a wicker basket, like the one used for bread, only instead of bread rolls, you are inside!...

We all know what an emotion is, and we all know how beautiful emotions are. But what is it that triggers an emotion? A beautiful, positive, powerful emotion, of those that make you feel alive, make you feel part of the world, enrich your spirit and become part of your DNA, and no one will ever be able to erase from your heart ?

An emotion comes from an adventure, from a nice journey, from seeing a breathtaking view, from experiencing an engaging event, but also from a simple walk behind the house, a concert, or from a simple smile crossed the street with any stranger.

Photography is a great book of emotions, every image taken, when you browse old photos, awakens those emotions, and as if by magic we retrace our whole life, the positive and constructive moments, small or big.

On this page I present a series of photo albums that deal with very different and heterogeneous themes, but they are united by one dominant characteristic: they tell emotions! I could have called this page "adventures", I was undecided, but this term introduces elements of recklessness and presumption that perhaps do not belong to me, it would have appeared exaggerated, the term emotion is more adequate.

In truth, every page of this site tells about an emotion, an adventure, large or small. Every single photograph is a story, and every single photograph is born from the search for an emotion, to be crystallized into an icon, curiosity is always the initial spark that sets in motion the whole creative process, that is, it sets my legs in motion, which lead me into the world in search of these emotions, and the camera is the magical pencil to write on the notebook of memory and of the heart.

If the image manages to convey, even if only in part, the amazement and the almost childish enthusiasm that I felt in taking the photograph, then empathy, sharing is born, and photography achieves its purpose, which is that to tell, testify, intrigue and keep in memory, through the power of emotions.

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