Who I am ?

Yes, who am I? Good question, very challenging, let's say I reserve the right to answer in a distant future, when perhaps I will have understood it too.

But I certainly know what I am not: I am not that name, that identity, that personality, that character that you think I am! Everything that you think I am is just the character that you have created in your minds, in your fantasies, and that certainly does not correspond to what I think. I don't know who I am, let alone how you might know, maybe just because you know my name or have my phone number. It's a strange sensation, but when I hear my name spoken, it's like when I hear the bell ringing on the door: it's disturbing! It's like a reminder of that identity that I don't feel intimately mine, she is more yours than mine.

But I hope it is like this for you too, because it would be sad to remain prisoners of a name, of a definition given by others.

When I write a post or an article, I think I express all of myself, then when I reread it, after some time, I almost don't recognize myself anymore! This is essentially an aimless traveler, a continuous abandonment of pieces of oneself because they have become superfluous, obsolete, even misleading! People get lost along the way too, because probably being an aimless traveler also means being a bit of an asshole.

Few things have remained solid over time and still resist today: the passion for photography, the love for nature, for freedom, and for my books. Please note, these are all transversal and evolutionary things

My photographs, my library and the paths I have traveled know much more about me than just I do of myself. Let's say for now that I am them.

About me


Mission of this site is purely to share my passion for photography, a place to collect and exhibit my work, hoping to be able to give some emotion to those who watch them, as well as my subjects have given emotion and awesomeness to me.

I'm not a professionist of the image, but a simple amateur photographer with proudly, so my work is free from constraints, unpretentious, exclusive expression of my inner world, my fantasies and the things that I love, like the landscapes,the strength and the charm of nature, the colorful chaos of our cities, the intricate social world or the enchanting and mysterious beauty of the human body.

I don't consider myself a photographer, rather a "hunter of dreams and charm", so the photography is for me just a technical tool to capture, through light and color, these fickle and evanescent preys.

"Photography" and not "Photographer"

Precisely for the reasons above, I never liked to call myself "photographer" after my name I prefer to add the term "photography" and not "photographer", because I'm not a photographer, but I make a lot of photographs, and with a big passion !

The photography is the activity that most of all involves, excites and motivates me, then the results will be what will be, may or may not like, no accounting for taste and not discussed. Personally I have never pursued technical perfection and stylistic exercises, end in themselves. I only take pictures, may be too many pictures, and I hope i could do it even for other thousands and thousands again ! This is the most congenial way to express myself, perhaps the only.

I am also anomalous compared to most other photographers, many of them actually start with a project in mind, and strive to achieve it ! In the most of cases instead i do the exact opposite, I work like a cook who has to invent a recipe, using only what can find in the fridge !

Usually I start to visit a place, or photographing a subject, or both, and according to what inspires me and tells me the situation of the moment, the light and the mood always different, the occassions that the place offers, my own predisposition of mind: with all this I create my recipe, unpredictable are all ingredients that interact with each other, contributing to the birth of the dish.

Only later, at a desk, I give a name to my creation, I write a story, and she will talk to me and suggest other possible routes, so the story is not all invented, but it is a kind of discovery, even inward.

When I start with a clear idea in my head, and try to achieve it, almost never the results satisfy me, probably because they are a fruit of the only rationality, so soulless, heartless, or at least an heart not completly free but subject to restrictions by the rational mind.

The best way for me is always starting with only a faint trace, like a pencil sketch sketchy, and then setting the path along the way, to reach an always far and uncertain destination, and provided that it exists! In fact, while years ago, with the film, the shot was the culmination of the whole creative process, at least for those people who could not afford expensive and cumbersome darkroom equipment, now more and more often, with the digital technologies, the shot is became a starting point, from where with other tools you can have fun to interpret reality and better adapt it to our personal vision: many call this reductively "retouching", often pronounced with scorn, I call it creativity instead!

I was born with film, with the slides to be precise, which I appreciated more than the negative for vibrancy and color saturation, and although it has been a long period of enthusiasm, experiments and crafts, for no reason nowadays i will turn back, many respects I am a nostalgic, but not at this juncture: I am an enthusiastic supporter of technology and of the new creative possibilities it offers us: the digital, with its ethereal essence, is a kind of liberation from the limitations of matter!


Igrew up as a self-taught, I have always been fascinated by those who, with light and color, can create a personal language and is able to express thoughts, emotions and moments of life.

I was born in Parma and has always lived in the province, I have taken my main subject from nature and landscapes of my land, that still today fascinate and seduce me, without feeling the need to move to exotic places to find inspiration, even if the travel is always a starting point for growth and research that I do not dislike it at all.

By the time I expanded my horizons, and now I'm also fascinated by the city, I like to go into the intricacies of urban life, and resume glimpses and details of everyday life.

The portrait and people photography is a fairly recent discovery, I must say that impresses me and gives me great satisfaction this kind of photography, and the satisfaction is doubled when my photographs can also give smiles to those who, in the photo, it is the subject.

Amazement Passion Photography

These three words contain both the whole process that drives my amateur "job": the wonder is the basis of everything, the curiosity, to be seduced by this world and its many and fascinating facets, the desire of looking always closer, more and more in particular, in the deep, and this generates involvement, this nourishes passion, a voracious and irrepressible passion, for everything that passes in front of my eyes. That passion transform all this into a pulse, a necessities, an inner need to capture, taking pictures, to give testimony and to preserve the memory of things and events, as if it were a mission.

I feel like I was a visitor from some other dimension, and that I have to to fill a suitcase of evidence and testimonies, to lug around for the return: for now I just know my mission, and as a good secret agent, I don't ask any questions, I don't give any answers, I fulfill diligently that what I feel like my moral duty: making visible the beauty of the world!

If this universe is a hologram, the image is everything!

I have always been fascinated by images, symbols and art in general.

I fell in love with photography discovering the great expressive power of this medium, which allows not only to reproduce reality, but above all to interpret it, it is a great tool that allows you to express your vision of the world almost like painting or drawing, without however requiring the same time: with photography it is magically possible to synthesize reality and vision in a fraction of a second, to capture the moment as our eye and our brain can perceive it! I dare say in an almost instinctive way as far as I'm concerned, as if the unconscious was guiding the shooting, and I realize this when I look back at the images taken, often discovering that I have caught details that my conscious attention had not perceived.

I have never followed specific courses or studies in the photographic or artistic field, I have only read a few books and I rely above all on my instinct, doing tests and experiments, and learning from my mistakes.

Technique interests me relatively, I am not a perfectionist, I am much more interested in the communicative aspect and the emotional impact that the images have, rather than their mere technical success: sometimes I see absolutely imperfect amateur photographs, which however have a incredible emotional charge, unlike many professional images which however often appear distant, fake, cold, unreal, aseptic.

After the first exciting results (for me), I also participated in various photography competitions, some even with excellent results, but I soon abandoned this path as competition is not for me, I'm not interested: photography has great value communicative and emotional, and since I think that every human being has something valid to communicate, I never like to evaluate or classify other people's emotions or thoughts, it doesn't even seem correct to me. For me, photography should not be a terrain of conflict and competition, but a meeting point, a valid means of sharing and comparing emotions and experiences, stimulating and enriching each other.

The creation of the image can also be a useful introspective means, a tool to investigate within ourselves and begin that journey which, perhaps, is the longest and most tiring, but which can also be the most rewarding: the journey to the center of us themselves! For this reason photography always has its intrinsic human value, whether good or bad it may seem to us: the important thing is that it speaks to our soul, and that it is not reduced to a simple stylistic exercise, or to the stupid search for necessarily strange situations, with the sole purpose of sparking discussion and attracting attention, and unfortunately in my opinion this is how many photographers who are the result of a certain pseudo-intellectual snobbery behave!

My photography is decidedly instinctual, not built around a table: I never leave the house with a specific idea in mind to achieve, and every time I have followed this tactic I have always obtained rather insipid results, on the contrary I prefer to go out and walk, letting myself be guided by events, by the things I encounter, by the particular atmosphere that the light at that moment gives even to the seemingly most banal things.

My projects are then born a posteriori in most cases, when I return home and sit at the table, until a few years ago with all the boxes containing the newly developed slides, now in front of the PC where I scroll through all the captured images: only then does my rationality intervene and ideas and paths for new research and new projects emerge, which take the form of albums, web pages and walks.

To then decide which photos to keep and which to throw away, in indecision I put them aside, then look at them again after several weeks, when the memory of the emotions that led me to take them have now faded, after a long time the ones that still say something to me, They are the ones that are worth keeping!

Today with digital photography, shooting and experimenting has become much less expensive, so I get carried away more easily, I often come home after a day in the mountains with hundreds of shots and it really takes many hours to go through them all and discard them. the "bad" ones, considering that with the computer even an apparently unsuccessful photo can become a good basis, a starting point for hours and hours of processing, until at the end of this alchemical process distilled images that are nevertheless suggestive and particular, then the discarded photos become very few, very few, and first the CDs, then the DVDs and then the Blu Rays, they literally devour megabytes and now we travel at the sound of thera.

It's true that some might argue that quantity comes at the expense of quality, but that's not always the case, I've never regretted taking too many photos, but on the contrary, yes! But I'll talk more about it in a specific post.

My yardstick of judgment has changed a lot over time, and if before I was very, very selective towards my creations, now I have become much more "tolerant", and sometimes I don't feel like discarding images just because they are not perfect, I have perhaps understood that perfection is not human, or rather it could even be, but perfection has a cold and detached aftertaste, sometimes a less than perfect image transmits more emotions to me than a properly constructed photograph art, perfectly focused, zero noise, balanced histogram and so on! Or maybe I'm bored of chasing an ideal that in itself means little on a human level, it only risks becoming a display of skill, a competition to see who is technically better, a sport in short, but I'm not interested in collecting medals , I prefer to collect emotions. The great masters of the past, with limited and rudimentary means, were able to produce images that live and transmit emotions even today, I challenge the thousands of glossy images of today to resist the passage of time in the same way.

Unsuccessful photographs are like preparatory drawings for better images that will come in the future, you cannot expect to be able to make a masterpiece on the first try, and a beautiful photo perhaps would never have existed without the previous attempts. It therefore seems right to me to give even unsuccessful images a second chance, I like to keep them in the drawer to macerate, because sometimes even time has its importance in the creative process. It often happens that at first sight a photo doesn't particularly excite me, but it still suggests to me that it has some potential, after all, if I took it I must have seen something in it, then when that photo comes back into my hands, even after years, I can find new inspiration, a new interpretation: over time our way of seeing also changes, and we change ourselves.

My concept of banality has also changed a lot with the passage of time, now a simple image, without anything particular, which years ago I would have defined as "banal" and discarded, today I keep it and look at it willingly, as I have understood that nothing is truly banal, beauty is essentially simplicity, and simplicity can be confused with banality, but I think we are the ones who have become so and unnecessarily complicated, or we have let our lives become so, and often a simple thing disorients us and we cannot understand it in its essence, so we turn our backs on it, calling it "trivial", just because it does not satisfy our ego, just because it is apparently too simple to obtain, therefore it does not satisfy our narcissistic pride in having done something "difficult". " and it would not even be socially appreciable in a society dominated by the myth of efficiency and ever-better performance at any cost: simplicity and natural beauty are no longer part of the language of our world, and if we see the results I it seems.