A little collection of curious words worth reflecting on

This is because I often notice that many words are "reinterpreted" by modern culture, and are distorted from their only real meaning, to the point of overturning their original meaning. Words can be used as insidious "Trojan horses" that install in our minds outposts of enemy militias, traitors and shady, slimy and dubious characters.

It is a form of thought manipulation, one of many, to program human minds, just like it is done for various devices. The various "egregores" form the common thought, which forms the idea of reality that we project, which in turn creates the reality that we experience.

And speaking of manipulation, do not underestimate the fact that the narratives that are spread by the news and newspapers are not "news" that are used to describe or tell facts and events, "news" is not used to tell a reality but to create it, reality, through the manipulation of your thoughts but above all of your moods: by believing you create. Many, if not all, news events, wars, terrorist acts and so on, only apparently have a materialistic, superficial motivation, in reality they are "creations" to gain control of the narrative, reality is subjected to narrative, and not the other way around.

It's all a great comedy, which is staged only thanks to your attention, the comedy lives thanks to the feedback between actor and spectator, but the theater closes, without the spectators: you have great power, and you don't know it!

This happens not only with news, but also with culture, with so-called entertainment, with books and education, and with the manipulation of language itself.

Realizing this is important, it is a form of self-defense.

The plotter


Everyone was laughing when the plotter Noah was building the ark, then it started raining...



Thanks to its incredible nature, truth escapes knowledge



I warn you, whoever you are, or you who dare to probe the arcana of Nature, if you cannot find within yourself what you are looking for, you will not be able to find it outside either. The treasure of the Gods is hidden in you.

Intelligence is not something that can be confined in a definition. Intelligence is something that is always outside the box, it is unpredictable, instinctive, intuitive, imaginative, often beyond the limits of rationality.

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