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The sacred places of the Soul and Spirit

"Disunited things will unite, and will receive within themselves such virtue that they will restore the lost memory to men"

- Leonardo Da Vinci -

I took inspiration for these pages from a publication published by publishers, I Luoghi dello Spirito, which had initially intrigued me, but which then, leafing through it, confirmed my fears: for places of the spirit, they mainly meant the places dear to the Catholic faith. I would like to try to go further, trying to investigate where possible those places that in time immemorial emanated powerful energies, and that the men of the past, more connected to the Earth and the Sky, knew how to recognise, respect and use. Places that have been, perhaps deliberately, forgotten or misrepresented in their original meaning.

I will try to collect and tell through images some "places of the spirit" that I have been lucky enough to visit, that is, those places that emanate particular power and energies, those places that the ancients have always mysteriously linked to the celestial world, to the Sun. , to the Moon and above all to the Stars, pagan places in short, or places imbued with an archaic religiosity in harmony with the forces of Nature, and for this reason perhaps a more sincere and authentic religiosity.

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I remember as if it were yesterday, as a child, in primary school, the photograph of a strange construction in our subsidiary, which was then the only textbook we had, this photograph illustrated the pages dedicated to prehistory and the dawn of civilization and represented a astronomical observatory to observe the skies. We were talking about primitive men, about a humanity that had to fight daily against the fury of the elements, wild beasts, famine and disease, and had to work hard to get food, and as a naive but curious child I wondered, but considering the hard life these poor peoples led, how could they have the time and desire to start building such megalithic structures, very challenging by themselves, just to... look at the stars?

Many years later ...

That same curiosity that I had as a child still animates me today and pushes me to continually search, and also to find many very interesting things, that same question continues to run through my head even now, and perhaps after so many years, something is starting to intuit, starting from the awareness that in our distant past there are many things that don't add up, and that they told us many completely misleading things about those unfortunate primitive men. And maybe not by mistake, but on purpose...

There has always been a strong connection between the ancients and the Stars, and this must have had some reason that perhaps we have lost or are unaware of. Are we perhaps truly "children of the stars"? In every part of the world and in every era, sacred places have always been in relation with the celestial vault, with some constellation or with astronomical phenomena linked to the Sun or the Moon: from the ancient cities of pre-Roman central Italy, to the ancient Greeks , from the nuraghi of Sardinia to the Egyptian pyramids, from the Far East to South America, the same European Gothic cathedrals.

As our own quantum physics teaches us, which paradoxically reaches the same results as the ancient mystical schools of the past in every part of the world, from the mystics of Tibet to the shamans of the Amazon, everything that exists is only energy, all that which we interpret as solid matter, is nothing other than pure impalpable energy more or less dense, nothing strange then to think that every place has its own particular energy, and that there are places where particular and powerful energies manifest themselves, perhaps also in relation with sources of non-earthly origin, and that human beings themselves can come into contact with these energies to interact with them, even be able to manipulate them. Those who know how to do this have great power over the world, because they know its secrets and mechanisms. Perhaps there is it is also an invisible thread that links ancient sacred sites, ancient sacred geography, to modern geopolitics and the power structures of the modern world, far beyond the normally visible.

Beyond the various faiths and religious confessions, beyond any strictly human and mental boundary, always limiting and misleading, I want to talk about these places that know how to be portals of communication between different dimensions, places that know how to connect the center of our being with that lifeblood, those subtle energies that flow like invisible rivers and make us part of an infinite Universe, at the same time ancient and future, outside of time, even in the present of ourselves. They are ancient places, very ancient, so much so that they have often been forgotten or ignored, perhaps deliberately.

I hope I can ignite curiosity and interest in you, because interrupting these flows, these connections with our ancient and distant origins, would be a real shame, perhaps even our death, at least spiritual.

"... our science is no better or worse, more or less evolved than the ancient ones. Such an evaluation leads to nothing because it is based on an unprovable and unscientific prejudice.

Understanding the ancient sacred sciences is possible only if the superiority complex typical of our culture is eliminated and the real differences are evaluated objectively and without preconceived dogmas.

An unsuspected world will then be discovered, supported by a complex vision of the cosmos and of life which, for modern people, can be equivalent to the discovery (or rediscovery) of one's roots or origins. Without this passage, today's humanity is disconnected, orphaned, mutilated, devoid of a profound meaning that can give it dignity and purpose. "

- from The earth and the sky of the Etruscans by Giovanni Feo and Luigi Torlai, ed. Venexia -


"Go out one evening under the vast starry sky, raise your eyes to those millions of worlds above your head. Perhaps on each of them swarm billions of beings similar to you, even superior to you in constitution. Look at the Milky Way. In that "infinity, the Earth cannot even be considered a grain of sand. The Earth dissolves in it, disappears, and with it you disappear too. Where are you? Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go? The undertaking you are preparing for Couldn't it be pure madness? In the face of all those worlds, ask yourself about your goals and your hopes, your intentions and the means to realize them, what can be expected of you, and ask yourself to what extent you are prepared to respond. A long and difficult journey awaits you; you are heading towards a strange and unknown country. The road is infinitely long. You do not know if you will be able to rest, or where this will be possible. You must foresee the worst. You must take with you everything that is necessary for the trip. Try not to forget anything, because then it will be too late to remedy the mistake: you won't have time to go back and look for what you forgot. Evaluate your strengths. Are they enough for the whole trip? When will you be able to leave? Remember that the more time you spend on the road, the more you will need to carry supplies, which will further delay your march, and also lengthen the duration of your preparations. And every minute is precious. Once you've decided to leave, why waste time? Don't count on coming back. This experience could cost you dearly. The guide is only committed to taking you to your destination, he is not obliged to take you back. You will be left to your own devices, and woe betide you if you get weak or lose your way, you may never return. And even if you find her, the question remains: will you return safely? All sorts of misadventures await the solitary traveler who does not know the route well, nor the rules of conduct that it entails. Keep in mind that your vision has the property of presenting distant objects to you as if they were close. Deceived by the proximity of the goal you are aiming for, dazzled by its beauty and not having measured your strength, you will not notice the obstacles on the way; you will not see the numerous ditches that cut across the path. In the midst of green meadows dotted with splendid flowers, the tall grass hides a deep precipice. It is very easy to trip and fall into it if your eyes are not attentive to every step you are about to take. Don't forget to focus all your attention on what's immediately around you. Don't worry about distant goals, if you don't want to fall over the precipice. But don't forget your purpose. Continuously remember it and keep the desire to achieve it alive, so as not to lose the right direction. And once you leave, be careful; what you have surpassed remains behind and will never come again: what you do not observe at the moment, you will never observe again. Don't be too curious, and don't waste time with what catches your attention but isn't worth it. Time is precious, and should not be wasted on things that are not directly related to your goal. Remember where you are and why you are there. Don't take too much care of yourself, and remember that no effort is ever made in vain. And now you can get on your way."

from  Views on the Real World   by   Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff

I link below to a nice music video by a group that I follow and that fascinates me, Heilung, a video where you can literally breathe the shamanic sense of abandoning ordinariness to immerse yourself in a world of primordial energies. Here the key to crossing the threshold is represented by the use of a mushroom, an interesting topic that I will return to discuss, given that the use of psychotropic substances for spiritual purposes has also been used in religious contexts very close to us, in an unexpected way, but I will return to the topic as soon as I have sufficient material.

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