Railway World

Rummaging through the old photos buried in the memories of the hard disks, this image of the small station in my town, Collecchio, came back into my hands, with the flowers and the warm shades of the late afternoon. Now that spring is upon us again, this photo made me go back in time, to the scents and colors of...

360° Wagoon


A 360° spherical photograph on the train from Parma to Pontremoli, taken one evening after returning from work. The little bike you see in the picture is mine!

The photographic story of a beautiful day spent along a secondary railway line, in the heart of the Po Valley. A historic steam-powered train runs along the stretch from Belgioioso and Codogno, in the Lodi area. The locomotive is a 625, called "Miss" due to its relatively compact size and graceful lines.