Broken your window

A metaphor about reading

It often happens that some words, a phrase, a page of a book they behave like a small pebble that hits the glass of our window.

A small chipping, a sign, a scratch, little stuff, which however create something, or rather break something.

Chipping after chipping, the glass becomes opaque, begins to annoy, you realize that you don't see as well as before, but above all you see what you did not see before: because it was too transparent.

You see the separation, the envelope between you and the world, chipping makes the border visible, the limit, you realize that you are looking at the world through a glass, a filter, that until it was perfectly transparent you didn't realize it, you didn't realize you were "inside" something, and that you were just looking out.

You realize that there is a wall between you and the world, even if invisible, and you would like to break that glass, walk out, and living that world !

You realize that you are in a cage and you would like freedom.

As tidy, beautiful and clean as your room is, it is still a room, it's not the world, it's not life.

That happens is that this little chipping, may with time grow

become a crack, a small crack, from which air, new air, enters fresh and sparkling.

Well, sometimes a few words captured from a speech, or read on the pages of a book, have the effect of the small crack in the glass, which lets filter new air into one's head, into one's thoughts.

Here, this can be reading, this is reading for me, they are like stones thrown against that glass, and even if we cannot get out, at least we let in new air, fresh and full of oxygen.

I want to collect these stones, the most beautiful ones, the more colorful ones, those with the strangest designs and I want to offer them to you, to make this game, aim against the windows, that maybe they can help you too to scratch your beautiful polished glass.

Reading a book is like climbing a mountain, have you ever tried? When you reach the top, with difficulty but with enthusiasm, you discover that in front of you there is another a little higher ... so you go on, chasing horizons that widen more and more, but never reach each other.

Readings, pages, words but also images and photos, a paper castle, of course, but still a castle, to face a battle, and to offer to your soul a chance for salvation.

Reading the History

The story they teach us is essentially a crime story, almost always told from the side of whoever committed the crime.   

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