Trekking, swimming under waterfalls, forest bathing and more...

I would like to clarify that I am neither a guide nor an expert, therefore on this page I don't want to give directions to follow, but only to tell the places, emotions and suggestions through the images.

My photos can give an idea of the things to see in a certain area, then if you decide to visit them in person, the web is full of sites that will provide you with directions and advice to reach them., While newsstands and bookstores are mines where find guides and maps.

I often return to the places I love, so even the photo albums dedicated to a certain excursion or to a certain area, are collections of photographs taken in different periods.

Finally, keep in mind that my photographs are free interpretations of reality, and that every place changes a lot according to the seasons, the time of day, the weather conditions and our mood: therefore the risk of seeing a beautiful photo, going on the spot and be disappointed it is high ! My photographs are always taken on the border between the real and the imaginary, between hearing and seeing, between inside and outside, and this border is a different place for each of us.

Here are some photographic stories of my walks and adventures

"Non abbiamo bisogno di templi, chiese o moschee, quelle sono invenzioni di uomini che cercano potere su altri uomini. La Natura ha creato per tutti, gratuitamente, il più bel tempio del mondo: il bosco."

Trekking ed escursionismo non sono solo attività di alta montagna o di località esotiche in capo al mondo, a volte anche una semplice passeggiata nei dintorni di casa si rivela una piccola avventura ricca di scoperte. Il paesaggio non è solo un prato, un albero e un cielo sopra, paesaggio è anche storia e storie arte, natura, fiori, insetti,...