The trees along our roads


Photos collection of trees encountered while traveling along our mountain and plain roads.

Always still, always standing, always silent, like fearless soldiers,

there are the good trees, armed only with leaves and flowers and fruit, which they give to everyone.

They give everything what they have and keep for themselves only a warble of a nightingale, a whistle of a chaffinch, a whisper of a stream.

Poetry by Diego Valeri

Beautiful example of Roverella (Oak variety) in warm autumn dress, which can be admired along the Cisa state road 62, a few kilometers after the town of Cassio, going towards Berceto. It is not right on the road, but at the edge of a meadow next to the road, and is part of a beautiful row of trees.


Maybe trees are also a little vain and exhibitionist? Before finally undressing and showing themselves completely naked, they slyly take care to attract our attention by dressing in bright and eye-catching colours. By attracting our attention in this way, they can be sure that they have seduced us and captured our heart, our soul. This is the eternal ritual that has been repeated since time immemorial, the game that captures and governs the world... it almost seems like a trap!