Medieval walking with princess Matilde


Two steps in the evening, trampling the lands that belonged to Matilde di Canossa, at that time of day when the solar soul is quiet, the light of the great Star goes into hiding, and the imagination is populated by those creatures that during the day they have been holed up in dark labyrinths, far away from our earthly, patient, guarded and silent thoughts. And while the shadows spread like an oil stain that quickly swallows everything, the senses tune into subtler frequencies, more akin to flight than to walking. The last lights ignite the colors of late summer, offering an anticipation of autumn, the promise of a slower time more suited to the needs of the spirit.

"She is as luminous as Diana's star is shining: faith enlightens her, hope envelops her in a wonderful way, and the greatest gift, charity, dwells in her. She adores the Supreme Word, for whom everything is created; he loves and praises his ministers when he finds them modest; he obeys them with reverence and honors them. he shows discernment; his fame perpetually spreads through all kingdoms.

(Description of the Matilde Countess by Doninzone di Canossa)

 Around Rossena's Castle, the actress Julia Rossi plays Matilde di Canossa