No more street


Monument to the partisan

I may have passed by this corner of Parma I don't know how many thousands of times, but never had this image struck me as it did today. It is a scene with a very strong symbolic correspondence with the social situation we are experiencing in this particular historical period, which is very slippery and dangerous.

The partisan is, in the imagination of the majority of Italians, a symbol of the victorious struggle for freedom, but from this angle, under the porticoes of the Pilotta, this symbol of freedom appears caged, appears as a dire omen of a freedom once again put in danger.

In this period the social tension, artfully created as always over the centuries, is bringing out the worst of the worst from this humanity in disarray, and if before I was able to see something beautiful and positive in the ferment of the urban jungle, now I just can't. I can no longer find anything positive or encouraging about walking around the city. The jungle has turned into an arid desert that stinks of death and rot, populated by dangerous zombies, born from insane and sick minds, and through the city streets you have to move furtively like shadows in the night.

These are my urban sensations in this period, for this "no more street", I really can't find inspiration for enthusiasm in the city anymore, my wild side now predominates, and I shun civilized places preferring the wild freedom of nature, which never disappoints! Mountains, trees, forests, rocks, swirling waters: these are my points of reference, which orient me in a world far from social logic, a world made of beauty, colours, sensations, presences, spirituality, fullness, peace, serenity, harmony, strength and vitality, quite the opposite of what can now be found in the city