Philippe Charles Jacquet


Among the various artists I accidentally came across while surfing the boundless sea of ​​the web, I want to share some images of this French surrealist poet, writer and painter, Philippe Charles Jachet, architect by training, whose landscapes immediately captured me, entering into resonate with my sensitivity.

They are landscapes where water is omnipresent, water that characterized the artist's childhood, and here too my ideas are confirmed for which the landscape forges the character and sensitivity of its inhabitants, especially the smaller ones. I find in these paintings calm waters that create transient symmetries and illusions, in these images I perceive the sensations of an inner emptiness linked to isolation, waiting, suspended time, and the need for a warm and welcoming refuge, a safe harbor where shipwreck with your soul.

In these works by Jacquet I find many affinities with some landscapes by René Magritte, another surrealist artist who impresses me a lot, and some architectural details remind me of the dreamlike architectural doodles of M.C. Escher. They are landscapes and colors suspended between the dreamlike and the melancholy, which at times seem to cross over into dark feelings forrieri of disturbing omens.