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A story as old as man

I leave you two explanatory words from the distant past, a "distant" only temporally but certainly not humanly:

"The crowd: You can't risk hanging out with her yet.

There is no reason why the vainglory of flaunting your ingenuity brings you among people with the desire to give public readings or to give dissertations. I would leave you the freedom to do so if you had merchandise suitable for these people. But there is no one who can understand you.

For whom then did I learn? Do not fear that you have labored in vain, if you have learned for yourself.

The man also expressed himself well when, having been asked what purpose his so much diligence had in an art destined to reach a very narrow circle of people, he declared: A few are enough for me, one is enough for me, even none are enough for me.

Epicurus wrote in a letter to a fellow student: These things I address not to many, but to you, because we represent a more than sufficient audience for each other.

Your positive aspects aim only at internal approval."

Seneca - Moral letters to Lucilius