Thanks to its incredible nature, truth escapes knowledge

- Eraclito -

last update 11/02/24

"The truth is one, none and a hundred thousand" (Luigi Pirandello)

The Truth is a very vast and complicated topic, perhaps, and I will immediately clarify my personal position: for me the Truth is certainly not the opinion of the majority, nor is it the propaganda or narrative spread by the various official, institutional, media, scientific and so on and so forth. I understand that many adapt to accept these "truths" mainly for convenience, both practical and intellectual, mental and spiritual, but historically Truth has never rhymed with convenience!

Thanks to its incredibleity, the truth escapes knowledge, these words of unimaginable wisdom from Heraclitus, do not underestimate them, in fact the truth is so incredible that only for a very open mind is it even vaguely conceivable, and "open mind" has nothing to do with culture, study and rationality, indeed it is often precisely these mental constructions that prevent us from seeing clearly. Nor does the truth have anything to do with those who arbitrarily establish themselves as champions or guardians of the same, such as the various fake-new hunters, the various fact-checkers, the press agencies or the various recognized, emblazoned, institutionalized, sanctified bodies.

Truth derives from "what is true", and true is what is "deserving of being believed", i.e. faith (Italian Etymological Dictionary), therefore nothing objective, objective, real as we are rationally inclined to believe. Seneca says "...let's return to the main good and consider its nature: a soul that scrutinizes the truth, capable of recognizing what must be avoided and what must be sought...". It is true what we believe, therefore each of us has the truth of him. Who then decides that a given thing is "worthy of being believed"? And worthy based on what values? In what perspective?

Let's say that if we are internally free and pure enough, the truth is something that can be intuited beyond rationality, it is a perception that has to do with the soul in a certain sense, and the times we are living in they demonstrate this quite eloquently. Therefore, in agreement with Seneca, we could consider truth as a virtue that belongs to the nature of the soul, therefore intuitable at the level of profound, intimate perception, accessible to those who have undertaken a sincere journey of inner research.

You will realize that to dissect the meanings of a term of this magnitude, one hundred encyclopedic volumes, nor hours and hours of discussions and rivers of words would not be enough. When a concept requires such a vast amount of explanation, we are probably completely off track. There could be two cases, either we have completely lost and forgotten the truth, so much so that we are no longer even able to understand what it is, or it is something so simple and so evident, before everyone's eyes, that complex as we are, no one can see it despite having it in front of their nose. I lean towards this second hypothesis. All our definitions, research, studies, paths, hypotheses and suppositions, perhaps everything is deliberately sown to germinate confusion. Are we perhaps in a labyrinth with no exit? Someone is constantly working to destabilize our minds, we are shown fragments of reality which are then passed off to us as falsehoods or fantasies, as in science fiction films or novels, while then we are fed holy truths, such as science or religion , which instead are pure inventions! Think about the novels of Jules Verne, the esotericisms of Gustav Meyrink, just to give two of the first examples that come to mind, how much hidden reality is there in there? And the Simpsons, which anticipate social events? And what do you think of The Matrix....where is the line between truth and fiction? Does this border exist? Don't be fooled!

It is never well seen that those who love the truth, those who search, rummage and rummage to trace the true essence of this word, those who look for the invisible thread of the plot, are a pain in the ass, we are perhaps unwanted visitors who have arrived by chance or specially sent to this planet ?

Beautiful image of the visionary artist  Maciej Pasinski

Perhaps the truth, as well as freedom, scare human beings, because they bring us closer to our essence, to that unfathomable abyss that is the void. If it is true that the universe is an immense hologram, if it is true that matter does not exist and everything is just energy and vibration, disturbance of a field, if it is true that the void is the essence of everything... then the truth can be truly scary, because it crumbles all our certainties, all our convictions, we need to be particularly strong to bear it.

The truth is that we are immersed in a "primitive and creative void where an energetic organization on which human life also depends takes place. The void of which we are made and in which we have been immersed since the beginning of our existence is an unacceptable reality and inadmissible, frightening and at the same time attractive, unequivocal and indisputable. In fact, man is made up of atoms, if the void were eliminated from every atom all the inhabitants of the earth would not be enough to fill the bottom of a thimble." (Silvio Fanti - Micropsychoanalyst).

Another emblematic and disturbing image of Maciej Pasinski

A contribution by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Today is Sunday, for many a day of rest. Rest from what? Resting from the cerebral gymnastics that is presented to us every day as something mysterious that we call Truth.Childish illusion. We can only know some roads that seem to lead to the truth, but this truth is an illusion. The dimensions of the universe in which we live, although eternal and infinite, are unattainable. In the world, there is no immobile truth. Everything is changing. Nothing is, except what it is. We think we were born. We've probably been reincarnating for millions of years. We think we're going to die. Probably in a reality where death does not exist. Our body does not die, it only changes, going from matter to spirit. Everything is possible, perfectly possible. We are as likely to be mortal as we are to be immortal. There could be an eternal but completely immaterial universe. We can think but we can also be thought by an angel who, with great joy, guides our brain as if it were a divine vehicle. Are we or are we not? We will never know. Truth and lies are twins. Planet Earth can be a conscious animal. Be careful, everything can exist or not exist. Who is dreaming about us right now?

I'll give you a ghost hug


from a social post by Alejandro Jodorowsky dated 11/02/24

We always meditate on what surrounds us: "things don't happen, things are made to happen"

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy -