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"Without "chaos" there is no knowledge. Without frequent renunciation of reason there is no progress."

We live in a dark time, especially inside. We live in a dark and dangerous time, which wasn't? We live in a time of war, even if we don't see the dead around, but we can see the zoombies, all around, the dead inside.

The world today is full of abandonment experts, will it perhaps be the poetic and disastrous charm of these shreds of recent history, so much too recent, so much so as to worry us and question ourselves about our near future? Could it be the warning that these places send out to fascinate? Will our lives one day be like...

Atomic Poetry


"Having a very long life, atoms do not stay in the same place for a long time: every atom of your body, before becoming part of you, has almost certainly passed through several stars and millions of other organisms."

"Beware of unshakable certainties
of beautiful houses
of polished silverware
of princes and princesses
of the eternal promises
of the hair always in order"

Game over


Anyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Nothing happens by chance. Any being or event with which we come into contact, was there waiting for us, from always.

Urbex at 220°


An album of images about fascinating abandoned places, shot with an ultra-wide angle lens, a 3.5 mm circular fisheye capable of framing a 220 ° angle of view, practically photographs even behind the camera! It offers an exciting perspective and creates very engaging images, which go beyond the vision of the human eye, and therefore can confuse and...

Undermine pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make mess your trademark, cause as much chaos and confusion as possible, but don't let them take you alive ...