Spiritual Warfare


We live in a dark time, especially inside. We live in a dark and dangerous time, which wasn't? We live in a time of war, even if we don't see the dead around, but we can see the zoombies, all around, the dead inside.

War is not so much the one made of bombs and tanks, that is the tip of the iceberg, it is a by-product of something enormously broader and more penetrating.

We all fight the real war, every day, it is a spiritual, daily, incessant, pounding war, and many of us are unaware warriors, that is, pawns, automatons, who due to their ignorance play the enemy's game, and they even do it willingly.

They are traitors, of themselves mind you. Of the value they carry inside, perhaps


We are all called to fight a battle against a very powerful enemy who tries by every means to scare us, because that is my true and terrible weapon: fear! The enemy uses our every emotion like a Trojan horse, to enter us and create chaos.

Let's not leave all our doors and windows open and unattended, otherwise the wind of darkness will enter our home and unleash chaos! Believing and trusting are double-edged swords.

Always be clear, present, determined. Always be smiling and positive, but immovable.

We must always be very careful about what we let inside us, from what we eat to what we drink, from what we read to what we listen to, from what we see to what we surround ourselves with. Everything we let in acts within us, often in a subtle and unexpected way, it acts in the shadows, in silence, without our knowledge...

However powerful our enemy is, he can do nothing if we shut him out from ourselves. We too are very powerful, but we don't know it, and this is called ignorance!

Remember, his greatest weapons are our ignorance and fear, not his bombs!

"The smile kills fear, and without fear there is no faith!"


NB.:for those obsessed with technical data: Olympus OMD-EM1 mkII + Zuiko 7-14 mm f 2.8 @7 mm - Iso 200 - f 8 - time 1/3 sec freehand (the Olympus have an excellent stabilizer)