†  Gothic Carnival 2023  †


The charm of the Gothic and Victorian styles

The charm of refined and refined clothes in a historic setting of great charm, a masquerade evening dedicated to Gothic and beauty. An event magnificently orchestrated by the Ombre d'Arte cultural association in Imola (Bologna) at the elegant historical setting of Palazzo Facchi, in the heart of Brescia. In these images the beautiful cosplayer Rita Delvecchio.

"It doesn't matter whether you laugh, it doesn't matter whether you cry or dance, it doesn't matter whether your face is the sweetest ever seen or your voice the most enchanting, or your eyes the tenderest... they will only see the reflection of their faces and the eternal horror of the survivors... They will listen to their own prejudices and see only what they are allowed to see. Fear and cowardice have transformed them and their smiling faces cannot disguise the lie. In their hearts sick there is no longer room for peace and laughter is only the deception of their hatred. And in their desolate world you float... like a lost angel.

I will never say that I did it for your good, but when the wind blows, the leaves fall and mix with our hearts. I'm leaving and I'll take your Moon with me. Without her I don't know how to live... and without realizing it, I will take away your blood, your eyes and your skin. Forgive me if you can, my wings are wearing out and flying I steal your life..."


- Arantza Sestayo - Cursed Kisses -