Eagles waterfall


Strength, courage and enthusiasm, this is what a waterfall gives me. They are places full of energy that I would never want to leave. It announces itself from afar, with its unmistakable roaring sound which is a battle drum, it makes the heart beat loudly in the chest and fills the lungs with fresh and crisp air, an irresistible call that incites us to quicken our pace, to quickly reach its goal. in front of her and honor her with due admiration.

In times of summer heat, what more could you want than a beautiful and thundering waterfall, fresh bubbling? Here we are near Santa Giustina, in the "province of Bardi" (BD), along the Lecca stream. This waterfall is one of the highest water jumps in our Apennines, the water is fresh, thundering and crystalline, bathing in these places is an experience that gives a lot of energy: it refreshes, invigorates and regenerates body and mind! The surrounding forest is beautiful, rugged and wild, and for those who want, there is a path to reach the ancient village of Cà Scapini, completely abandoned, in about half an hour (attention, ticks are insured).

To reach the waterfalls, from Bardi follow the signs for Ponte Ceno, then turn right (signs for Piacenza) and then left (signs for Santa Giustina). Shortly before arriving in the village, on the left you take a steep downhill road (signs for Roncole) which soon leads to a bridge, near which two marked paths start to reach the waterfall: the first path takes you near the last bend before the bridge, where there is also a small space for parking. This very beautiful path follows the course of the stream and leads to the waterfall in about 15 minutes, without particular difficulties, even if some sections are slippery and there are boulders to overcome. The second path instead starts just after the bridge, winds through the woods, and leads straight in front of the waterfall, if you want to go down to the stream, however, you have to go down an impervious and collapsing escarpment. Retracing your steps, for a few hundred meters, the path continues and in about half an hour leads to the ghost town of Vosini. There are tall grass meadows to cross, where ticks are practically insured!

The waterfall is very impressive even when seen by night, under the stars.

Il Viaggiatore senza Meta by andrea franchi - Zonerama - 500px - Skypixel - Kuula 360° - Tumblr - DeviantArt - Fotocommunity - Allmylinks