A q u a

Feminine element par excellence, vital fluid, unstoppable force. It contains within itself the codes of life, safeguards them and transports them throughout the entire cosmos. Fascinating element that enchants and amazes with its multifaceted, metamorphic magic. Since we are composed mostly of water, we feel a strong magnetic attraction, it is the element with which we have the greatest affinity, it is a part of us that we continually renew in an unstoppable flow like the flow of the river and the stream, a flow which represents time and life itself.

It is an irresistible call for me, where there is water not only is there life, but there is also beauty, harmony, serenity, energy.

At Roccamurata, in Taro valley, a small stream flows, marked on maps as "Rio del Bastardo", its waters descend from the steep ophiolitic slopes of Groppo di Gorro and form a wild, fascinating and at times difficult to navigate environment.

Strength, courage and enthusiasm, this is what a waterfall gives me. They are places full of energy that I would never want to leave. It announces itself from afar, with its unmistakable roaring sound which is a battle drum, it makes the heart beat loudly in the chest and fills the lungs with fresh and crisp air, an irresistible call...

Magic drops


These little pearls always excite and enchant me, drops of dew or rain which on certain days enchant with their dazzle, almost as if they were precious Perudian jewels from the fairies, hastily fleeing at the arrival of the first rays of the sun. I often get lost in a square meter of lawn, and spend endless quarters of an...

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