Rio del Bastardo waterfall


At Roccamurata, in Taro valley, a small stream flows, marked on maps as "Rio del Bastardo", its waters descend from the steep ophiolitic slopes of Groppo di Gorro and form a wild, fascinating and at times difficult to navigate environment.

In the upper part of its course the stream bifurcates, the right branch (orographic left) leads to a beautiful waterfall, very particular for our mountains: a rather high jump, and at the top of the waterfall there is a beautiful pool, a sort of a natural pool dug out by erosion in the green rock, closed at the base by a large stone, from where the waterfall begins. If that big stone were moved, the pool would suddenly empty! However, a beautiful but infernal pool, because if you end up in it you won't know how to get out, since it is surrounded by high and smooth rock walls!

Unfortunately, the flow of the stream is always quite small, so for most of the year the place does not have the spectacular nature it deserves. You have to be lucky enough to see it in the right period, after heavy rains or at the beginning of spring, when the snows melt. snow, as long as it snowed during the winter. At the base of the waterfall there is a beautiful, shallow pool of clear, fresh water, where it is pleasant to rest freely when it is hot.

After heavy rains, this waterfall is visible from afar, from the opposite side of the valley, there is no way to get there, except by going up the impervious stream through a long and tiring ascent, but still rich and satisfying. It was one of the first wild places I discovered and loved, a safe haven for many internal adventures.

The particular green and blue color of the rocks makes the landscape at times surreal, the feeling of isolation is strong, you feel alone in front of nature, but it is not a loneliness that saddens, but a loneliness that strengthens and consolidates the relationship with oneself.

Video of the waterfall:

Warning: difficult to reach and find, there is no path, except some old tracks, tiring, slippery and treacherous route, easy to get hurt.

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