The Screaming Cave


The Rabbi River, the Screaming Cave and the Saw Waterfall

The Rabbi river originates in Tuscany, from the slopes of Monte Falco, within the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, but despite its origins, it runs practically all its way in the land of Romagna, to finally flow into the Montone river at the gates of the city. of Forlì.

In its course it digs and creates very suggestive environments, in particular near the village of Premilcuore, in the locality of Giumella, this river has created a fantastic environment that seems straight out of a fairy tale, a magical and bewitched place, wild and severe, but at the at the same time enchanting and heavenly.

Just under the arch of an ancient stone bridge, flanked by an old mill, the waters flow into a small waterfall that digs a narrow and dark cave, with two beautiful round pools of deep water, to then go out and widen into a small deep emerald pond. From the protruding rocks that dominate the place, green clusters of ivy descend and stretch, almost seeming to want to dive into the water.

The waterfall is known as the "screaming waterfall", as the water inside the cave is said to make a noise similar to a heartbreaking scream, but personally the only screams I heard were those of some noisy children who they wallowed like amphibians in the pools of the cave.

On hot summer days the place is very popular, but if you go there early in the morning or in the evening, you can find yourself completely alone in this enchantment, and enjoy all the magic and charm of the place.

One evening I was left with a group of boys, I think they were music students because each had an instrument, somehow they had brought the current to that place with two beautiful loudspeakers, and in the evening the sound of the water and the birdsong merged with a very delicate ambient sound, it literally seemed to be in heaven, I never wanted to come away ...

A beautiful forest road flanks the river and soon leads to another enchanting place, the Sega waterfall, surmounted by a mill, now transformed into a farmhouse, a very particular construction with a stone staircase that leads right under the waterfall and some phrases carved in stone, in the Romagna dialect. From here it is also possible to reach the town of Premilcuore.

I hope with my photos to be able to capture the atmosphere of the place to be able to convey it to you.

For the record, access to the place is currently forbidden due to the dangerousness and instability of the rocks that overlook the cave. When you go to a natural place then, a certain danger is always implicit, especially in the presence of rocks, steep slopes, deep and raging waters, therefore everyone must take their responsibilities and adequately evaluate their limits, nature in the end. conti is not a playground!

Always have a sacred respect for these places, and move on tiptoe, so as not to disturb the invisible inhabitants!

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