Late Winter Landscapes


Walking along the paths of "my" river in these beautiful late winter days, I met a person I hadn't seen for a long time, he too had a camera hanging from his neck: "well, as long as there's this around his neck it's a good sign", I exclaimed pointing at the camera, and meaning by this the passion for photography and nature, he replied disappointed: "yes but there is nothing" !

There is nothing ?! Yet I saw beautiful landscapes around me, how can you say that there is nothing? Perhaps we are too used to always looking for and expecting something particular, something exceptional, something unusual, we always seek spectacularity and originality at any cost, we are so addicted and bombarded by sensationalism that we no longer see the beauty that lies in the "normal" landscape: in the water of the river, in the blue of the sky, in the stones and the trees.

Perhaps these photos of mine will seem trivial, but I always find myself in these normal landscapes and without anything exceptional, I always find contact with my soul and my connection with the energies of Nature, then you can call it if you want "triviality", but for me it's a lot of stuff !

I will never tire of photographing my river, even if there is nothing there !