Landscapes of Versilia


You said: "To other lands I will go, to another sea.

Another city, more lovable than this one, whereall my efforts are doomed to failure,

where my heart is buried like a dead man,

it will be there too. 

How long will I suffer from this inertia of mine?

Of the long years, if I look around,of my life spent here,

I don't seewhat black rubble and loneliness and ruin.

"You will not find another place, you will not find another sea.

The city will come after you. 

You will go wanderingalong the same streets. 

You will grow old in the same neighborhood.

You will paint in these same houses. 

Alwaysyou will be the head of this city. 

Elsewhere, don't hope, there is no ship there is no road for you.

Why waste your life in this discreet corneryou have wasted it all over the earth.

- Konstantinos Kavafis -