What home awaits the substance that gives life to my body, once freed from the laws that keep it enslaved among human beings?

... and it gets dark again, after a day spent in the woods, among the snow and mud, among the trees, in contact with Nature, with grandiose landscapes, with the energies of the world, the evening arrives and we get better the car is moving, to sink again, in apnea, to immerse oneself among those colored lights that shine...

Free Hotel


Room with panoramic view, ideal for zen meditations



The beauty of nature and the landscape are always a source of inspiration, contemplation and fullness. Seen live, these landscapes, these lines, these lights, one has the sensation of breathing them, of assimilating them, of amalgamating them with one's spirit, with one's essence, until one becomes part of it, as in a mirror of the soul, of the...

Wolf Night


In the suggestion of the night that comes with great strides, while rivers of fog flow from one valley to another, in this case from the Val Sporzana to the small valley of the Vizzana stream, a pack of wolves howled wildly in the darkness of the wood below, while I took this photograph. When we say "night of wolves",...

Finally my beloved fogs are back, those cold and impalpable seas that flood our valleys, transforming the mountains into improbable islands.



the stones, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the herbs, the stars ...