Overview of Mozzola valley


A beautiful view of Val Mozzola and, in succession, of Val Taro and Val Baganza (Parmesan apennine), taken from the slopes of Monte Grosso, whose shadow hangs over the surrounding landscape like a curtain, which closes the scene as the hour lingers.

The ophiolithic rock spur of Gusaliggio is very beautiful, casting its shadow on the Mozzola stream and on whose steep walls you can see the ruins of the ancient manor. On the right in the foreground the village of Mormorola and on the left Gusaliggio.

It is always good to rise, spiritually and physically, to look at the world from a different point of view, to approach the sky and see how small our daily lives are, just take a few steps uphill.

The pleasant effort of the trek will always be amply rewarded by a lasting and permeating emotion, hydrating for the spirit I would say, which you can take home like a small treasure kept inside you.

And if you have a camera with you, you will remember these emotions forever, you will be able to relive them even after years, and, to a certain extent, you will be able to share them with other beings.

I always thank Goddess Nature for the show offered and for the teaching given, which I try to reciprocate in my little one by spreading this message of beauty, capable of giving peace and serenity.

And as any show, live is better !

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