Little river monster


Here is a beautiful example of the transformative magic of nature. This small underwater monster, about a centimeter and a half in size, is an Ephemeroptera Nymph, and the very name of nymph already hints at a magical world, where the boundaries between worlds and forms are more labile and permeable than we can imagine. to imagine.

It is a small insect that begins its adventure on this planet by spending an initial period of time, which can range from a couple of months to a couple of years, underwater, and then begins a cycle of transformations that will lead it to become a real flying insect in the air.

Will this be a fundamental law of life, common to all beings? Will we also transform ourselves? Will we be able to do it, or will we remain chained to this form due to our mistakes and misunderstandings? Can death be interpreted as a transformative process? So many questions, just observing a small insect...

Collecchio, River Taro (North Italy)

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