The landscape is a state of mind

Some places are an enigma, others an explanation

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

May your path be winding, windy, lonely, dangerous and lead you to the most spectacular panorama.      (Edward Abbey)

A man without a landscape is a man without any resources. 
(Patrick Modiano)

I live of landscape, I recognize in it the source of my blood. It penetrates my eyes and increases my strength. Perhaps the reason for my travels around the world was nothing more than a search for landscapes, which functioned as powerful call.
(Giovanni Comisso) 

The phrases above I have reported as mottos of my way in photographing landscapes, because they are words that fit perfectly on my way of being and viewing, of "going for landscapes": it is definitely my favorite kind of photography. I remember that since I was a child the landscape has always bewitched and enchanted me, when we went around, even during school trips, while all my companions sang, played and joked noisily on the bus, I was in silence, with my forehead stuck to the window, enchanted to observe the world that flowed in front of my eyes ! Even today, as then, I have not lost the habit, and when I drive the car, my head is always bent to the right or to the left with respect of the road !

Photography and landscape are a language that transcends words, every attempt to "explain" the landscape in words fails miserably in my opinion, because photography and landscape tell the inexpressible, the ineffable, tell about us, and go beyond that border between our inner world and the outer world: a good landscape photograph blends these two worlds together, and no word can ever explain their essence. Also for this reason, each landscape will always tell different stories, depending on who is photographing it. It is a symbolic and intuitive language, which "dies" if explained or rationalized, so I prefer to leave the word to the images, hoping they will please you and communicate emotions to you.

my last captures :



Quale dimora attende la sostanza che dà vita al mio corpo, una volta liberata dalle leggi che la tengono schiava in mezzo agli esseri umani ?

... e si fa di nuovo buio, dopo una giornata vissuta nel bosco, tra la neve ed il fango, tra gli alberi, a contatto con la Natura, con paesaggi grandiosi, con le energie del mondo, arriva la sera e si rimette in moto la macchina, per tornare a sprofondare, in apnea, ad immergersi tra quelle luci colorate che brillano...

Free Hotel


Camera con vista, ideale per meditazioni zen



L'empatia verso tutte le cose - Empathy for all things

Nature and the landscape have always been my favorite subjects, and it is in the middle of the woods and along the rivers that I took my first steps in the field of photography. When as a boy I became passionate about photography, but I still did not have a driving license, I wandered around the river that flows next to my country, to find subjects and inspirations, and always looked curiously at those mountains that stood out on the horizon, with the dream to reach them a day . It was not a pipe dream, it was enough to wait until you were old enough to get your driving license ! But even today, that array of rocky reliefs that frame the horizon of my country, are like a powerful magnet for my soul ! To tell the truth, even the river, although I know it by now like the back of my hand, never ceases to surprise me and give me beautiful emotions, I think it's a love story !

Nature and landscape are fundamental components of myself, some said that the landscape is a state of mind, and I feel to be an integral part of Nature, of all its elements and its manifestations, I often look for intimate and complete contact, a regenerating source for physical and psychic forces and energies.

The Nature in its several manifestations is balm and tonic for the soul, for the most primitive part, most wild and primal of my spirit, that I feel deeply mine, and to which I could never give up.

Walking barefoot on the river cobbles, among the dry and fragrant leaves of the forest floor, hugging trees and getting lost in the woods, plunge into the cool limpid waters of the rivers, becoming inebriated by the scented air of the forest and getting enchanted by evening lights: sometimes these are almost mystical or spiritual experiences, you really feel the breath of the planet, you perceive in and out of you the powerful and subtle presence of Mother Nature, and sometimes does not feel boundary or distinction, i feel myself an integral part of all of this.

Photography is a very engaging way to live, search, and telling these experiences, to try to share them, to try to convey something of these emotions and feelings, something deep, which goes beyond simple aesthetic and formal research, beyond technique and compositional rules.

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