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Room with panoramic view, ideal for zen meditations

Fugitives or deluded? Philosophical meditations overlooking the sea.

Escape, isolate yourself from the world, meditate in the peace and silence of the wildest nature. Watching the tingling of civil society from afar and from above is a bit like observing and studying the enemy's moves.

Walking along a narrow path overlooking the sea, which enters the Mediterranean scrub tenaciously clinging to the rocky walls, I stumbled upon this little corner of paradise which seems to have been specially created to escape, to take refuge from the "civil" chaos, to isolate oneself and meditate. A small brick balcony built overlooking the rock face, a stone table, stools, an old camp bed!

But isn't this also a trap? Yet another deception spread by "Nothingness" who knows well how to lure every human soul, having a temptation in store for everyone ?

"Don't believe, it's better to know you don't know than to believe"

- G.Kremmerz -

"You are still dreaming, the old inner sage told him, I have already told you that you do not belong to some ethnic group of peoples who live following the primordial laws of naturalness and harmony with the divine worlds. You do not have a wisdom tradition, nor a sacred ground, nor a tribe, which knows the divine and lives according to it, to defend. You cannot fight sacred wars and consequently you cannot hope to have a triumphant death fighting in the name of what is sacred. You you live in a world of ruins where even war and dying in war are a completely profane event

The only war you can wage is your internal war, fighting against those darknesses, those passions, those tensions and those states of being that continually try to annihilate your intentions to give your life a meaning different from what the Nothing imposes on the men of today. It is a relentless war against a ruthless, deceptive and devious enemy, which you will have to fight without ever compromising, without accepting pacts, without ever relaxing your vigilance and tension, and without ever thinking of giving up. It is the war of your bright part against the darkness that is around you and that continually tries to enter you. ...

... opposing Nothingness with all one's strength, to the point of losing one's life in such a desperate attempt, was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ways to give meaning to a man's entire existence. ...

For today's men, more than the ancient initiations, the great modern mass religions are more suitable, in which the fact of feeling, in front of an external and not internal divinity, a miserable, an unworthy and an unfortunate, constitutes a title of merit and it's also the way things actually are for most people these days. ...

... the positive virtues you have developed, the wisdom of your choices, the tenacity with which you have fought for all these years against Nothingness and above all the love that was born in you for that divine dimension, which lies behind reality material of nature, will become part, making it even stronger, of that component of you, which is not dependent on matter and which will not be affected by the death of your body."

excerpt from the book Attempting to escape from Nothing by Mario Negri - Middle-earth editions

Capo Noli and Falsari Cave, between Noli and Varigotti - Western Liguria