T e r r a e

The concreteness, the mystery of matter, the primordial forces that shape our planet, the immobility of time. The Earth represents a primitive but necessary stage of existence, a school where the spirit can experience heaviness, friction, resistance, angularity. A wall of seemingly impenetrable solidity, but which can hide hidden and unexpected treasures, a dark place that holds life and secretly protects and perpetuates it. A seed does not germinate in the sunlight but in the darkness and solitude of the underground, only when it has accumulated sufficient strength, tempered by the cold and darkness, will it be able to look out into another world. He may stretch his arms to the sky, but I remain firmly anchored in the Earth.

Our planet is an unfathomable mystery that hides unimaginable stories.

>>> The Aimless Traveler <<<

Free Wild Spirit - You will never have me - by Andrea Franchi - all rights reserved