The waters of the Marche

The Marche region preserves sacred and tremendously evocative places, many of which are linked to water, very ancient and powerful, just think of the ravines, rivers, caves and mountains inhabited by the famous Sibyls, including the Sibillini Mountains, enchanting places to explore and to love, places in which to be transformed.

"Seven are the friends who serve the stories, because they know that handing them over to others does not just mean keeping them alive. The stories live anyway: there are not enough ruins and stones and landslides and ruins and sinkholes to bury them, and fissures will always open up that will will carry the voice around the world. The act of delivering, as happens on the seventh day of the seventh month of an unspecified year, means above all transforming those who listen, knowing that they in turn will become servants; because stories take invisible roots and deep, and our thoughts, and therefore our actions, will change after having encountered them. We will only know this in dreams, where the cracks and tunnels that house the most important part of our lives are shown.

To know the destiny that we were unaware of, it is not necessary to be in a place that we consider adequate: once upon a time it was necessary to go down into caves and underground passages and ford rivers and breathe vapors, but this is no longer the case. Stories are capricious: sometimes they leave out the places where they were born and to which, as always, they left a name. In this case those places are not the gorges or crevasses or moraines or gorges, not Monte Vettore, not Pizzo del Diavolo, not Cima del Redentore, not Lake Pilate, not the Aso river that flows from Monte Sibilla and takes its name from the God of the Gauls, not the Tenna who deceived Aeneas, not the Nera. Not the three mountain peaks that connect the Sibilla to the Vettore, Monte Argentella, Palazzo Borghese and Monte Porche which here are considered the fatal refuge where Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos spin the lives of men. Not any of the mysterious territories of the Sibillini Mountains

Yet the ravines, the peaks and the woods and the waters are present and alive, with all the creatures that hide there!

From the introduction of the beautiful volume  NOME NON HA  by Loredana Lipperini, magnificently illustrated by the alchemical handwriting of

Elisa Seitzinger - Edizioni Hacca

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