Caprigliola -  Val di Magra


Historic illumination of the Madonna of Good Counsel

09 Settembre 2023

Lunigiana - Tuscany


You are somewhere

and a tree reaches you,

a wall, a face.

The center of the world is not far from you,

it's in the back streets, waiting for you

where you don't expect anything.

Take a fork in your hand

as if it were a solemn moment,

raise the glass to your mouth

as if it were a sacred gesture,

smile because every smile opens

a crack in the wall of old age.

do brave things,

it makes you rejuvenate.

And then come back, think that you are happy,

let your mistakes be known

that you see them, you recognize them

and look at them with clemency.

Look inside and look outside,

watching is a cradle.

- poetry by Franco Arminio, from Give way to the trees -


And making courageous gestures is also simply abandoning the most beaten paths, and going down lesser-known paths, even without a precise destination, a purpose at any cost, it is then that the best discoveries are often made, just like that, by chance.

As if by chance I discovered this incredible village, with its wonderful lights and its traditional festival that almost no one knows about!

It's simply incredible how much beauty surrounds us and, despite everything, how empty and banal we manage to make our lives, especially with the ritual of lament!

Make a courageous gesture: stop complaining, and go around the world! It doesn't matter the distance, but go