Jakub Rozalski


Don't be afraid to offer your body and your soul to the forces of Nature.

Jakub Rozalski, also known as Mr. Werewolf, is a Polish fantasy artist I met casually a few days ago while surfing the web. When I saw the images of him, I was immediately struck by the apparent inconsistency of the contents, which appears to me as current as never before, perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not, I no longer believe in "the case" for some time now.

Its themes are mainly grouped into two groups, a predominantly fantasy theme where the eternal scenarios of struggle between good and evil are represented, with evil beings, werewolves and gigantic monsters lurking in the shadows, a danger that in many images is it barely sees on the horizon, but that it looms heavily with all its power.

The other theme mainly represented is the one that struck me most for its topicality: it represents war scenarios, a futuristic war, with a slightly steampunk flavor, where hordes of invaders armed with deadly machines advance in agricultural landscapes populated by peaceful peasants. unarmed. An sinisterly current theme, but which, like the reality we are experiencing, hides contradictions and dark and apparently incomprehensible sides. These invading armies actually seem to only transit, they are threatening, but not towards the population, they have a clear goal to achieve, and they continue their inexorable march towards that goal, with a friendly and collaborative attitude with the population. It doesn't really seem like a war, at least not in the classic sense of the word.

Meanwhile, the population watches this progress, without even paying too much attention to them, each one intent on his daily occupations: while on the horizon the great powers of the world are fighting each other, in the foreground the common people must still cope with their occupations, to their affairs, which are mainly cultivating their land, and in a metaphorical sense taking care of their lives and their needs, which do not change much, regardless of who will be in charge of the world.

These images have a suggestive atmosphere, with very delicate, vaporous colors, and rural scenes in some poignant and romantic ways, the blurred, foggy outlines, without dramatic contrasts, if not conceptually, and in these landscapes there are also unusual domesticated animals. More than timeless images, or futuristic images, they seem to me images with different times, all at the same time, multitemporal images !