As a photographer I envy artists a lot, I think they can fly much higher with their imagination. Having as a starting point a canvas or a blank sheet of paper, I am able to give shape to any thought, fantasy or emotion that crosses their mind. The photographer, on the other hand, even if photography is still an art form, is always heavier, more earthly, more tied to the physical reality of our world. For the photographer the starting point is not a blank sheet, but the real world, concrete, alive: light, shadows and colors, but of the real world. In this sense, photography is a form of alchemy, and the photographer an alchemist, who transforms material reality, through the photographic process, into an icon, a thought, an emotion. The artist instead sublimates, passes directly from thought to emotion without the medium of the material, if not for that very thin and impalpable patina of color and pencil traced on the white sheet, which are in any case under the complete control of his will.

I really appreciate the fantasy genre, and in this small, unpretentious space, I want to share those who are for me the artists who make me dream the most and give me emotions and suggestions, filling my eyes with beauty and visions of other fantastic worlds.

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Pubblico questa bellissima immagine che ho trovato sul web perchè la trovo particolarmente significativa, oltre che essere graficamente monto bella ed emotivamente molto pregnante. Purtroppo non sono riuscito a risalire all'autore, perchè sicuramente avrà prodotto altre interessantissime immagini.

Fantasy art and literature are often considered minor arts by the majority of the general public, but I have always felt a great attraction towards these genres, almost as if these images were part of my DNA, as if they awakened a distant, deep and archaic feeling, like an ancestral link.

Perhaps this genre is not highly regarded because it seems to deal with topics out of reality, far-fetched things, almost a game. On the other hand, I am convinced that this is reality like many other things, and that there is something much deeper than a simple game. As those involved in inner research know well, all the spiritual masters of every confession confirm that everything that the human mind can imagine is real and possible. Those who explore the realms of the spirit, those who have practiced deep meditations and those who have lived mystical experiences or even spiritual experiences "beyond the limits of their body" report having visited places that are not places, or where the physical limits that define our realities cease to exist: there are realities without time or space, where the being is able to perceive the vastness of the universe, belonging to the whole and communion with all living beings, past, present and future.

Art can be a tool to give "visible" form to these experiences, to tell dimensions and realities that would otherwise be difficult to represent. The images that I present on this page go beyond the limits of our mind, in these images the past, the present and the future come together in a single mythical time that perhaps belongs to the collective unconscious of each of us. There is like a thin and invisible thread that links many aspects of different disciplines, and this thread shines through all these images and this artistic genre. These images touch the very deep and powerful instincts of sensuality, touch the spirituality and strength of cosmic energies and the mysteries of Mother Nature, touch the human psyche, from its deepest abysses to its highest peaks, narrate arcane mythologies mixing them with futuristic characters (modern superheroes have something in common with the ancient gods, and the gods were the metaphorical personification of the motions that govern human souls), and these images also illustrate in a fictional way a reality that sooner or later perhaps will be accepted: the ancient coexistence of human beings with so-called prehistoric animals, with dinosaurs, a reality that will force us to rewrite our entire history, and that of our planet, and then the circle will be closed: the fantasy will have become reality !