Geology of Parmesan Apennines


Barite crystal


A small crystal of probable Barite (size about 4 mm) stands out against a background of Calcite crystals. Sample found in the clayey badlands of Rubbiano, near Fornovo Taro. Nature always surprises, even hiding its treasures inside the rocks., In the deep darkness of the bowels of Mother Earth.

Traces of icnofossils found in a limestone pebble in Val Mozzola, in the Parma Apennines. These are traces of Condrites (probably Fucoides), or footprints left by the passage of ancient living organisms such as worms, or the tunnels dug by them, then over time filled by the sediment of other mineral substances. These ancient organisms moved on the...

River's stones


"Whoever places so much value on a stone will always be surrounded by treasures, wherever he goes"

A small symbolic labyrinth of stones in Val Taro, which I built some time ago in an old abandoned quarry near Roccamurata.

The beautiful emerald-colored lake of the Val Cogena, near Belforte, now only a good memory, in an old slightly faded slide.

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