new portraits



It is not painful to be without what you have ceased to crave.

For me, the camera is a sketchbook, a tool of intuition and spontaneity.

Take care of the beauty that you are able to offer to the world, it is important, the Gods look at us and have a long memory... I enthusiastically do my part through photography.

" Quale altra prigione è così oscura come il proprio cuore ? Quale carceriere è tanto inesorabile quanto se stessi ? "

The warmth of a memory, of an emotion, jealously guarded behind our eyelids, still bright inside our eyes and our heart, while all around us the world withers and languishes, silently losing pieces, like autumn leaves.

Cerco di mantenermi in uno stato confusionale costante per continuare ad avere quest'espressione sul viso.

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