It is not painful to be without what you have ceased to crave.

But here's what harms the unwary: not being used to entrenching themselves in their own inner world; they maintained close ties with the body. Therefore a man of a superior and sensible level knows how to separate the soul from the body and spends a lot of time with the best and divine part of his being and only to the extent necessary with the other, plaintive and fragile part.

Don't make your pains more burdensome than they are and don't burden yourself with complaints: the pain is light if personal opinion has added nothing to it.

What is the point of rehashing past pain and now being unhappy because you once were? But why, don't you know that there is no person who does not exaggerate his own evils and who does not lie to himself?

Everyone is as unhappy as they have convinced themselves they are

- Seneca -