Pay attention to the light


I publish this beautiful image that I found on the web because I find it particularly significant, as well as being graphically beautiful and emotionally very pregnant. Unfortunately I have not been able to trace the author, because surely he will have produced other very interesting images.

The work is a perfect summary of our life condition, and not only that, we are led to be attracted by light, but we must always be on guard because evil forces do not dwell only in the dark, the forces of evil are very skilled in art of deception and transformation, in order to subjugate our souls and steal vital energy.

There are many conflicting theories, and the light may not exactly be salvation, it could be a great deception, it is no coincidence that in many occult symbols light is referred to as a superior guide, with a profusion of characters who carry and support torches, sun and light symbols, concepts such as lighting. We have been used to considering evil black and dark, while good and life are in candor and light, but are we really sure that this is the case? We have always been deceived about everything, don't trust me I tell you! This image is emblematic, the defenseless soul dressed in red feels safe in that illuminated corner, but that corner hides a great danger, the light is only a deceptive reflection, a lark mirror.

Even after death, the urban legend is widespread that a light welcomes us to accompany us on our journey, legends often referred to even by those who have had post-mortem experiences, but some sources also warn us: that light could be a trap, a deception to keep us tied to this matrix, to this game of death and rebirth to keep us chained to this planet, to bring us back to Earth to relive the same experiences, slaves of these dark forces that feed on our energy, and can only do so if we we are unaware.

The light allows everyone to be visible, and therefore controllable, in the light nothing can be hidden, only in the shadow will you be able to move in a space of relative freedom. The great initiatory and spiritual traditions have never been out in the open. Then it's true, in history there has always been some strange character who dared to flaunt the truth from the rooftops, but every society and every era has its own strategies to isolate these crazed splinters before they become contagious, first with the verbal warning: crazy , heretic, visionary ! Then, the next step, with neutralization, and every society in every age has and has had its effective tools: stake, mental hospital, gulag, disbarment… all of which play on fear! Only when you are no longer afraid can you truly define yourself as free.

Nature always offers us many valid examples, think of moths, moths or other small birds for example: attracted by the light, they end up getting burned.

Nothing is what it seems, that's why always be vigilant, and never settle for common explanations, abandon normal things, they are just distractions, always be curious, investigate and search, tirelessly...