ars vivendi: the art of free body and the art of living

The body as a mirror of the cosmos, between beauty, spirituality and integrity.

At the end of civilization, man will return to nakedness: not to the unconscious nakedness of the savage, but to the conscious and recognized nakedness of the mature man, whose body will be the harmonious expression of his spiritual life.

- Isadora Duncan -

The nude is a very intriguing and fascinating topic, but unfortunately it lends itself easily to being misunderstood and misinterpreted. For those like me who love naturism, it is only naturalness and freedom, well-being, sacredness and art.

Nudity is not obscene, sinful, obscene is not respecting one's own body and its sacredness, obscene is not respecting oneself and one's neighbor, obscene is not knowing oneself and one's soul, sinful is not even trying it.

We all have a bodie, we alll know where we came from, and we all know what our first source of nourishment was, yet the most common social morality is that these contents can impact the sensitivity of some. Often the same sensitivity that is not at all affected by images and words of violence, blood, arrogance and vulgarity that instead enjoy the certificate of free movement.

Naturism is a way of relating to oneself, others and the world, in particular that of Nature, which teaches many things, in particular about respect for everyone, about valuing the individual peculiarities of each one, about a concept of physical and holistic spirituality, the old adage mens sana in corpore sano to interdict us, and on a very high concept of the human being and his spirituality, which is not something separated from his physicality.

For the ancients the body was a sacred place, seat of the Divine, an instrument of connection with the energies of the Universe, for us moderns instead the body is mainly reduced to an object of desire, sacrosanct right, but precisely for this reason it is easily exploited and reduced to empty container or object for commercial baiting (advertising).

However, I understand that certain topics are not for everyone, everyone has their own sensitivity and vision of things, their own values, their own concepts and preconceptions, therefore respecting everyone, but also and above all mine and all those who participate and collaborate with me, I have decided to limit indiscriminate public access to some pages of the site, now accessible only upon request and subject to registration.

Registration entails nothing, it only allows access to the reserved sections and the email address provided will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone. However, don't think of finding who knows what obscene and scandalous secrets in these pages, you will only find art and poetry. If it is porn you are looking for, this is not the right place for you, you will find infinite other resources elsewhere.

On the other hand, if the vision of a free, naked and proud body offends your sensitivity or attacks your morals, these are not the pages for you.

A good life everyone!

Nude refreshes my soul.

- Alda Merini poetry -

Better naked than dressed in hypocrisy.

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