The emotion of flying


Flying is one of the most exciting things there is, and the more basic the means used, the more exciting flying is. And how much more simple and elementary is there than a hot air balloon? A simple balloon inflated with hot air and hanging underneath is a wicker basket, like the one used for bread, only instead of bread rolls, you are inside!

An absolutely silent, smooth, soft flight, the higher you get in altitude, the more the earthly noises fade, up to absolute silence, you only hear the flow of the wind! And it is the wind that guides your flight, nothing but the wind.

We don't see them, but there are lots of currents in the air, during the flight it's curious to see how, despite flying over the same geographical point, hot air balloons at slightly different altitudes move in completely opposite directions!

The landing, however, can be a little more eventful than the flight, in Ferrara we landed in a soya field, the basket overturned and was dragged by the balloon and the wind for several tens of metres, a bit like being in the washing machine spin! On a flight in Turkey, however, we landed with millimeter precision: the pilot had the basket placed directly on the trailer of an off-road vehicle!

A curiosity from driving school: in aeronautics, the least maneuverable vehicle is the one that always has precedence, therefore the hot air balloon not being maneuverable (it goes where the wind goes), it always has precedence, this means that if a hot air balloon were to passing near a large international airport, all air traffic would be forced to stop to let the balloon pass