Magic drops


These little pearls always excite and enchant me, drops of dew or rain which on certain days enchant with their dazzle, almost as if they were precious Perudian jewels from the fairies, hastily fleeing at the arrival of the first rays of the sun. I often get lost in a square meter of lawn, and spend endless quarters of an hour kneeling trying to frame these small and fleeting wonders through my lens, enraptured by this miniature world.

Treat yourself to a vacationaround a blade of grass,indulge in silence and light.

- poetry by Franco Arminio -

At one drop I talked about you. She didn't keep the secret. And now all the rain repeats your name.

- anonymous quote -

Everything, from the lowest to the most sublime, from the smallest to the greatest, exists within your being, without differences. In a drop of water there is the secret of all the boundless oceans.

-Khalil Gibran -

Everything is cosmos. The stones, the mountains, the trees, the flowers, the herbs, the stars, all of nature, and non-nature, the artificial, and all human, material and spiritual products, and space and time.

- Eihei Dōgen - 

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