O R A C L E S    &   T A R O T

The seductive and disturbing charm of our inner depths

In these pages I tell you about my journey that I have just started, it is the story of a seduction, hence the meaning of the image below, an image that overflows with seduction, charm and life, in a timeless dimension. And this is precisely the journey that I will tell you: a sinking into the unconscious and into the meanders of our psyche and our soul, through timeless icons, through symbolic images that sink their intricate roots into the depths of the archaic human anxieties, which are always current and they project us into the future, because the spirit of man and his logics are and remain forever immutable.

Painting of Leopold Schmutzler (Geman painter - 1864-1940)

I am not and I do not want to be a fortune teller, I wan't to read the future, neither to myself nor to others, because nothing is predetermined anyway, there is no future to read, but only a future to create. I consider myself only an admirer, an amateur and a collector of these beautiful and enigmatic cards, because they transmit art and beauty and contain symbols and codes that are keys to access universal and interior dimensions, spiritual and wisdom dimensions, and also intimate dimensions of our deeper and more sincere soul.

In these small interventions I tell my reflections and my experiences with the Tarot:

Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori scriveva Virgilio, ovvero l'amore vince tutto e noi sottostiamo all'amore, che suona molto come una frase fatta un po' vuota e banale, come "la bellezza salverà il mondo". Il mondo non si salverà, ne con la bellezza ne con l'amore, si salverà chi ha capito, chi vuole salvarsi, chi ha...

Tarot Museum


Gli Angeli sono i messaggeri del cielo, ci portano messaggi da mondi superiori. Al di là dell'iconografia classia, che ritrae questi esseri efebi biondi, vestiti di bianco e con ali per volare, in realtà l'Angelo è una parte di noi, è la parte vibrazionalmente parlando più alta di noi, tanto che stà fuori dal nostro corpo materico, potrebbe essere...

Il Cambiamento


Stiamo vivendo un periodo di profondi cambiamenti: siate fiduciosi e senza paura !

My path and my wandering ...

It all started by "chance" by reading some books that investigated the origins of our religiosity, ancient mythologies, symbols and lost cultures, spirituality, the meaning of the ancient hieroglyphs, the roots of the Hebrew alphabet, some esoteric texts, in short, very different topics among them, by different authors, but in one way or another often in these texts reference was made to the Arcana of the Tarot. Come on once, come on two, in the end the curiosity came to me, and completely ignorant of the subject, even rather skeptical and prejudiced, but out of pure cultural curiosity, last year I decided to buy myself a deck of Tarot cards.

Those who love art cannot fail to be fascinated by the images of these cards, some decks are true masterpieces, pleasant and suggestive even just to browse, as you could browse a volume of art. Guided only by instinct, I opted for a deck of "Visconti Tarots", a reproduction of a deck of cards from around 1450, made by the then lord of Milan Francesco Sforza.

When the deck arrived, I looked at it, tasted it, then I put the cards back in their box and have put it in the library for some time. At the time I was going through a very dark period of my life, one of the worst ever, tormented by a feeling of deep and all-encompassing love, but absolutely not reciprocated: a real inner death. One fine day, as a desperate gesture, I decided to take these cards back in my hand to try to question them about the person who was the object of my torments, who had disappeared into thin air, into total oblivion. I, as a complete neophyte, without having ever picked up a card in life before, skeptical and improvised, asked a very specific question, I wanted to know if he ever had recalled me, after more than a year of deep silence: then I shuffled well the cards and drew three at random, three women came out, and three important women, the explanation of booklet attached to the cards illustrated those characters as very positive and profound women, intelligent, diplomatic and communicative, and in my ignorance I interpreted those cards as an affirmative answer to the question I had formulated, even just the fact of having thought of a woman and having had as many as three female figures in response was a good omen in my opinion! Well, to my surprise and incredulity, not two days passed that what I had asked for came true: a message from her arrived the next morning on my mobile, leaving me literally dismayed! Not bad as a beginner's start ...

Needless to say, this episode did nothing but ignite the interest and curiosity for these cards, so I decided to buy myself a book to deepen the subject, and always and only guided by my instinct, among the forest of volumes that Amazon offered me, as my first book on tarot I chose a beautiful tome by Alejandro Jodorowsky: I think that also in this case my guardian angel guided me, I could not have chosen better, a very fascinating, multifaceted character, who introduces us into this world in a masterly way according to me, a poet of existence, with a very holistic view. Later I discovered other interesting writers, including the great masters Pëtr Dem'janovič Uspenskij and Aleister Crowley: the journey has just begun and an extraordinary journey is announced !

Interested in various topics, including Tarot, ancient religions, lost civilizations, history and archeology, I got the idea that modern man lives in the belief that this is the best, most advanced and most just possible age, that more "scientific" and advanced. These beliefs I call "presumption", because it seems to me that they are completely random and baseless beliefs. We have built the myth of science, but science investigates the surface of visible things, and in this way we have cut out from our world many other realities such as soul, spirit, dream, empathy and intuition; in this way we have create an image of a Universe similar to an enormous machine, without asking us who or what moves this machine, how it was born and what its purpose is. We believe in this image that they insistently propose to us with convincing evidence, we have elevated science to the rank of religion, we have reduced our lives to a cog of this enormous machinery, without considering that, when the gear is no longer functional, it will be replaced and the old one destined for oblivion. In this way we cut our roots with the Earth, our connection with the stars, the Sun mainly, we grow like seedlings in pots, believing that the pot is the world, and the threat of the rubbish dump hangs over us, as soon as the plant will cease to be usefull or decorative for the furnishing of someone else's house.

I don't think this is actually the case, I like to ask myself questions, and it seems to me that in order to find satisfactory answers, we must turn to the past, rather than the present. But not to the recent past, but to the remote, very remote, arcane past. Our science itself, when it becomes meta-science, when it begins to investigate matter and energy in its most intimate forms, discovers concepts that are not very different from those expressed by ancient cultures, philosophies and religions from every corner of the planet. . I have the impression that, by peeling off the surface covered with many coats of paint, there is a substance that is the same or similar for all, and that the differences are only expressive, of language.

In addition to the aesthetic and artistic aspect, a great merit of these cards is that of having introduced me to a world that I did not expect, or rather that I only knew superficially in the form of scattered and disconnected fragments, by studying the Tarot instead I am discovering how everyone those pieces are part of a single drawing traced on an invisible sheet, a sheet that has no borders, neither geographic nor temporal: all the little drops of knowledge that I have learned in life are revealing themselves as small drops of a single, large and ancient ocean of knowledge.

The Tarot cards are having this function for now in my life, they have become like a needle to sew together many pieces of knowledge, to put them in relation, to deepen the relationships between them, and a stimulus to look for others, more and more ancient, always more exotic. I use them as an introspective tool, to meditate and dream, to pray (which is not very different). They improve perception, sensitivity and observation, give value and meaning to many small details that would normally escape our attention or would simply be cataloged as "coincidences". They help to understand the concatenation of events and make us perceive that nothing, absolutely nothing, happens by chance.

Finally, I feel that these symbols create some kind of contact in me, they feed me in a way, they feed my fantasy, my spirit, my dream world and my hunger for beauty, and this is also of great help in practice. photography, which in any case is also, at least in my experience, a practice of inner and spiritual research.

As a skeptic that I was, I now have great respect for this art and I am grateful that it is now also part of my life.