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Love and passion are also nutritious, like and more than carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

(dr. Stefano Erzegovesi)

On this page, I too would like to share some cultural nutrients, for those like me who love books and reading that help invigorate and strengthen their personality. Not being a pharmacist, I do not want and do not want to sell wisdom pills to anyone, but only the pleasure of sharing, because ideas and thoughts, and in general everything as beautiful as art and photography, must be shared, because closed in themselves they would be only sterile things, like seeds without earth. I therefore propose some phrases and quotes that have particularly struck me, taken from the books I have read, I share them with enthusiasm, in the hope that they can also transmit to others what these words have transmitted to me.

I love books, the real ones, made of paper, which never download and do not need connections, they are for me the real wealth, that wealth that you will always carry within you, perhaps even in the next few lives, and that no one will ever be able to steal from you. Books represent the world of spirit and ideas, they are essential nutrients, superfoods for the spirit and for freedom, which is not that physical and material freedom to do and go as one likes, it is much more: it is that inner freedom of thinking and to be, that no one can ever take you away, because when you are free inside, you are free everywhere, even if you are chained, and this makes a lot of anger to those who want you servant and slave. For this reason, books are often viewed with suspicion, and throughout history they have been the object of burning and persecution. Even today I see, even in our civil democracies!

Traveling, reading and photographing: the three best ways to spend my money and my time.

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I apologize to my foreign readers, but some articles in this blog, referring to Italian books, are only in Italian.

Una lezione di storia ed etica della scienza tratta dalla spedizione nazista in Tibet nel 1938

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